News and Notes: Saturday, October 24

Washington Commanders

Why don’t we start with the good news? Levi Jones is doing well enough that he may be activated against Philadelphia.

Matt Teri had some great quotes from Jones today at the Redskins Official Blog:

“Today was a real good day,” Jones told me. “I mean, I feel good about the plays; I’m not worried about gettin’ out there and playin’, I’m just worried about getting’ out there and knowing what TO do. I’ve been starting for seven years, so playing … that’s gonna be second nature to me. But knowing what to do in new schemes, new offense, new technique … well, I got with our center, Casey Rabach, and I’m starting to feel good about that.”

“That’s the funny thing about it, because all the techniques that they’re trying to get me to do now, and everything that they have going on is what I learned in college. My offensive line coach, Dan Cozzetto, learned under the Joe Bugel offensive line system. So all this stuff, I was doing in college and doing … well, doing well enough to be drafted in the first round, you know?

“Health feels great,” he said. ” I mean, surprisingly good. Better than I’ve felt in a LONG time. I’m ready to go.”

The second quote is very interesting. It’d be a great coup for Levi Jones to come in off of the street and play well, and it would be a rare treat to see the Redskins actually catch a personnel break. As I blogged a few days ago, it won’t actually be that difficult to get better play than we’ve seen to date – so it is conceivable (to me) that Jones comes in and works his way on to the starting line-up. If he can pick up on the system quickly, and is in relatively good shape, Washington may have at least found a temporary solution to improve the line a little bit. With Chris Samuels soon to be on injured reserve – the Redskins announced today that they would probably do so during the bye week – the Redskins are desperate for offensive line help.

Now for the bad news – well actually it’s more just the ‘not so good’ news…

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is listed as questionable for Monday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Big Al sat out practice all week due to a sprained ankle, reports vary today as to whether or not he practiced today, but if he did, it was in a limited capacity. He will be a game-time decision, and a massive loss if he can’t go.

Running back Clinton Portis is also listed as questionable, but will play according to Jim Zorn. Portis has problems with pretty much everything below his right knee – foot, ankle and calf issues.

DeAngelo Hall didn’t practice today either. He has a sore knee, but is expected to play on Monday as well.

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3 thoughts on “News and Notes: Saturday, October 24

  1. That’s life as a Skins’ fan. U can’t get too hyped up bc the team has disappointed us each time we have a chance to feel hope.

    Jones will be a success story if he can learn the cadence of Jason Campbell, who will most likely remain the starter (barring injury)and give him some time to make throws.

    Campbell played atrocious & deserved to be benched.

    I am surprised we haven’t tried to sign another QB in case Campbell or Collins gets hurt.

    That would be another reason to feel like we are cursed.

    Snyder cannot play football. And most say if he could get fired this team would automatically get better.

    I am a fan of winning football. So my vote goes to giving guys who are still putting their heart & soul in the game to finish this horrible season on the field.

    We have no long term solution for our offensive inadequacy.

    Without building through the draft, we have repeatedly shot ourselves in the foot, so I wish for a busy offseason of cost-cutting moves & trading some key names for young o-linemen.

    Philly’s up next & I say we fail again to score more than 17 points.

    Eggles 28 Skins 10

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