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Samuels Update

By Mark Solway | October 24th, 2009

As news of Chris Samuels retirement rapidly spread across the internet yesterday, Redskin fans began their outpouring of gratitude for a decade of great service. It was a bit premature.

Not long after breaking the news at Redskins Insider over at the Washington Post, Jason Reid changed his blog to reflect a less finite stance.

“A source close to Samuels said he will not make a final decision on retirement until December or January.”

Officially, the Redskins posted the following statement from Samuels on their website:

“I will continue to seek medical advice. I hope to see where I am physically over the next couple months. At this time, I have not made a decision, but I love playing for the Redskins and hope to be back.”

This isn’t at all intended to provide Redskin and Samuels fans with any false hope, but if Chris hasn’t yet made up his mind, then everybody should probably hold off on the good-bye speeches.

Unfortunately, they will probably come soon enough.

While Samuels’ career plans may still be unknown, he definitely won’t be playing at all again in 2009.

By the way, his Wikipedia page doesn’t list him as retired anymore either. Remember when you used to have buy every football magazine in existence during the summer to get up-to-date on all of the current information? Now you just point and click mere minutes after something has happened…

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One Response to “Samuels Update”

  1. Good luck Chris, thanks for sticking it out all these years with us when you could have played anywhere for better money and more post-season play.