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Time to blow out the Candle

By Bobby Johnson | October 27th, 2009

Let me tell you where I’m at on things.

For over a year, I’ve been of the opinion that Jason Campbell is an adequate quarterback. This doesn’t mean that I believe he’s a pro-bowler, or that he is a shoe-in for the hall-of-fame; but adequate.

I’ve always believed that Campbell is your consistent QB. He’ll win the games by playing 60 minutes, but isn’t the guy who can take the team on his shoulders in the last quarter and pull off a stunning upset; not by himself.

I’ve argued that Jason has been a good possession QB. He protects the ball, and moves it efficiently, and it has always been my belief that the third and long plays where he hits the guy short of the first down marker were because that’s what the play called for.

I don’t believe that anymore.

These past three weeks have shown me a different side of Jason Campbell.

Now before you jump up and tell me about how much Jason’s offensive line sucks; let me tell you, I know that already.

To say that Stephon Heyer was struggling on that left side would be an understatement, but it is Jason’s responsibility to protect the ball. Jason Campbell was responsible for 10 of Philly’s 27 points; by himself. He had an interception returned for a touchdown, and fumbled the ball within field goal range. Philly’s margin of victory was 10-points.

When you add Radnle-el’s muffed punt, you see that 13 of Philly’s 27 points were points the Redskins gave them.

Now the defense may not have been perfect. They did give up two big touchdowns, but when you take away the points that the Redskins offense gave them, the Redskins win by 3 instead of lose by 10.


Now that’s just the scoreboard’s take on things. Jason fumbled and bumbled throughout the game. He botched several snaps including a fourth and goal. He missed several open receivers including Moss who was wide open behind the secondary and would have been in the end-zone before anyone could catch him.

The plays were there; Jason just didn’t make them.

For all the crap this team took last week about the “bingo caller” calling the offensive plays; the play-calling was great, it was Campbell that stunk up the joint.

We finally saw some deception! We were passing from running formations, and we finally saw the bootleg, we even made it into the end-zone our first time into the red-zone; on a passing play no-less!

Unfortunately, all of that is going to go for naught because Campbell couldn’t get it done.

The defense played great. As I mentioned earlier, they gave up two big touchdowns, but that was the only weak-spots of the night for them.

That great defensive performance – poof! – gone. No one will remember that because the team lost 27-17.

In my esteem; Jason has slipped from adequate/average to borderline pathetic.

It’s starting to look now like if the team wins it will not be because of Jason Campbell, but in spite of him.

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5 Responses to “Time to blow out the Candle”

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  2. Look the game was a disaster. Play calling was good. And Rogers I am suprised we kept him this long. Can u atleast find a receiver. Shoot bring D. Green back he could do a better job retired. As for Campbell he tries but what can you do when at the end of every play you are getting up off your rump. Snyder spend some money on a front line. Do I sound pissed. Well I am but I still LOVE my REDSKINS.

  3. I disagree on a few points. If a shotgun snap never gets to JC, you blame the center, not the QB.

    If the O-line can’t hold off the defense, then when they penetrate, passes will get blocked. I tend to have JC in a little brighter light than you do.

    Additionally, when you know the defense is going ot blitz 90% of the time and don’t call plays to counteract the blitz, you’re going to get pummeled. Couple that with the banning of audibles, almost all QBs WILL fail.


  4. If the snap hits him anywhere above the knees, it’s on the QB. The one I saw hit him right at the knees and was in his hands, but he bobbled it.

    I didn’t get a good view of the second one.

  5. Well u nailed this one. I told you before the regular season started when the Skins had Colt Brennan, Chase Daniel & Todd Collins vying for playing time behind Mr. Candle that I don’t think we have a legitimate starter in the group.

    “Stats don’t lie.” You responded with this statement to advocate for the ultimate reality that Campbell had comparable marks to Super Bowl winner and perfect season destroyer Eli Manning.

    His QB rating, interceptions & yards per attempt put Campbell in good to great company.

    As u noted here, this season is a different story.

    I noticed Jason has been pressing. He goes back to pass and either he expects to get rushed or cannot decide where he is throwing the ball with any kind of efficiency.

    Much to the diehard fans’ dismay the realization that we will need to start over has cruelly smacked in the face.

    We have no offensive bite. There’s no expectation by the opposing defense to do anything but stack the box.

    Stop Portis stop the Skins.

    Pleasure to add my 50 cents.