Bang’s Cartoon: Flawed Execution

Washington Commanders

There aren’t many Redskin fans that aren’t familiar with John Tayman, aka Bang, and his cartoons. Unfortunately for Redskin fans, John spreads his particular brand of cartoon ‘love’ around to all NFL teams now, but his latest episode is definitely a must-see for Redskin fans.

If you haven’t already, check out Bang’s… Flawed Execution.
I think my favorite two parts were:

Sherm Lewis: “Say, I’m going to be running an Arts and Crafts workshop in the day-room later if anyone’s interested… it should be fun.”

And the exchange:

Vinny: “Can I get you a high priced free agent to make you feel better?”

Senor Snyder: “That might be nice. Maybe we could trade a draft pick or something…”

Good stuff.

They say that laughter can be very cathartic.

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