Game Recap: Redskins 27, Broncos 17

Washington Commanders

Turning Point:
Hunter Smith’s 35-yard touchdown pass to Mike Sellers on a fake field goal. It knotted the game at 14-14 and really gave the Redskins renewed life.

It Was Over When:
Shaun Suisham kicked a field goal with 1:10 left to play, to go up by 10.

Game Ball:
Levi Jones, who anchored the left side of the line, and looked phenomenal in his debut. Ladell Betts gets to share that ball though.

Key Statistic:
18 carries for 91 yards for Betts in the second half. Check out By The Numbers for all of the interesting statistics.

Game Recaps:
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Ten Longest Plays for Washington Redskins:
4-20-DEN 35 (6:39) (Field Goal formation) H.Smith pass deep left to M.Sellers for 35 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Field Goal formation switched to Shotgun, direct snap to #3 (Smith)
3-3-DEN 32 (4:37) J.Campbell pass short right to D.Thomas to DEN 5 for 27 yards (T.Law).
3-4-WAS 15 (2:06) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass deep right to A.Randle El pushed ob at WAS 41 for 26 yards (C.Bailey).
1-10-DEN 29 (8:11) J.Campbell pass short right to F.Davis to DEN 5 for 24 yards (A.Davis).
1-10-DEN 43 (8:06) J.Campbell pass short middle to Q.Ganther to DEN 25 for 18 yards (B.Dawkins).
1-10-DEN 47 (14:24) L.Betts left tackle to DEN 29 for 18 yards (T.Law).
2-9-WAS 35 (15:00) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass short middle to M.Kelly to DEN 47 for 18 yards (R.Hill).
1-10-WAS 44(9:33) R.Cartwright left end to DEN 39 for 17 yards (B.Dawkins).
2-7-WAS 44 (8:51) J.Campbell scrambles right end to DEN 43 for 13 yards (W.Woodyard).
2-2-WAS 40 (8:33) L.Betts left end to DEN 49 for 11 yards (C.Bailey).

Ten Longest Plays for Denver Broncos:
1-10-DEN 25 (3:46) K.Orton pass deep middle to B.Marshall for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
3-11-WAS 40(12:56) (Shotgun) K.Orton pass deep left to B.Marshall for 40 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
1-10-DEN 33 (14:53) K.Moreno right end to WAS 39 for 28 yards (C.Rogers, A.Carter).
2-20-DEN 29 (11:00) K.Moreno right end to DEN 47 for 18 yards (J.Tryon, R.Doughty).
3-3-DEN 18 (5:15) (Shotgun) K.Orton pass short middle to B.Stokley to DEN 33 for 15 yards (R.Doughty, J.Tryon).
2-10-WAS 47(2:41) (Shotgun) K.Orton pass short right to E.Royal to WAS 34 for 13 yards (D.Hall).
3-9-WAS 33 (1:55) (Shotgun) K.Orton pass short middle to T.Scheffler to WAS 21 for 12 yards (R.Doughty).
2-7-DEN 43 (10:03) K.Moreno left end to WAS 46 for 11 yards (R.Doughty).
1-10-DEN 33 (4:32) K.Moreno up the middle to DEN 43 for 10 yards (R.Doughty, R.McIntosh). WAS-R.Doughty was injured during the play.
1-10-DEN 40 (6:32) K.Orton pass short right to T.Scheffler to DEN 49 for 9 yards (D.Hall).

The 27 points by the Redskins was the most that they have scored since week 2 of 2008… Jason Campbell was a perfect 9 of 9 in the second half… Suisham is now 12-for-12 on field goals the season… Broncos failed to capitalize on WR Brandon Marshall catching 40- and 75-yard touchdowns on Denver’s first two possessions…

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