Leftovers – Week 10

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These Leftover questions from this week’s THN Weekly with Andre Carter were sent on Monday, hence the topics of discussion are slightly dated. I apoligize for the delay in posting this.

Enjoy regardless!

THN: What did Coach Bugel and Coach Zorn get across to the offensive line and the team, respectively, at halftime? Reportedly Zorn was passionate with what he said at halftime, which is contrary to his usual style of talking to the players.

AC: I didn’t hear what was said during halftime. All I saw was an offense move the ball very well in the 2nd half.

THN: During Zorn’s Monday press conference, Landry is going to be considered to move back to his natural position of strong safety, a move which has been wanted by a lot of people for a while. Do you feel him being at free safety has hindered his talents at all? How would being moved to strong safety help him?

AC: I feel LaRon has performed to the best of his ability. He is a playmaker and a hard hitting safety. I am sure adjustments needed to made due to the injuries we have on the team.

THN: Coach Zorn said that the idea of signing Larry Johnson will be discussed at further length later today (Monday) and was already discussed a little bit this (Monday) morning. Based on the Redskins injury situation and Larry Johnson’s personal and professional situation, would you welcome him in the locker room?

AC: I welcome anyone who loves the game and is willing to win.

THN: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2009/11/inside_the_sideline_melee.html
Dan Steinberg broke down the sideline melee pretty well in the link posted above. What happened in that situation and do you think it was justified that the Redskins were flagged twice on that play and the Falcons did not get flagged?

AC: I didn’t see it. All I know is that LaRon and Hall did their best to get off of Atlanta’s sideline.

THN: DeAngelo Hall is still missing big tackles, this time on Turner’s final touchdown run. Has anyone talked to him about being more physical and wrapping up?

AC: He is doing his best. That’s all we ask.

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