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Sit Down Carlos

By Mark Solway | November 17th, 2009

Cornerback Carlos Rogers was benched on Sunday, after giving up a 40-yard touchdown reception to Brandon Marshall. On the play, Rogers was beaten badly on a double move, allowing Marshall to get behind him and make the catch.

Carlos was a little sensitive after the game:

“I gave up the first one. It was a double-move. After that I didn’t play no more. After that, it was on whoever it was. I really didn’t pay attention.”

You really didn’t pay attention? For real?

Now I may not have played professional football, but in any team sport that I have ever played, we paid attention. Having been a fairly decent soccer player, there were very few instances where I was actually taken out of a game – and I hated every one of those instances – but not ONCE did I ever not support my teammates.

This is coming from a guy in a contract year? Seriously, what a brain dead move.

Redskin fans know very well that Rogers is more of a number two guy than a number one guy, but more because of a lack of consistency than anything else. There have been periods in Carlos’ tenure that he has been exemplary in the secondary; and then other times where he has been a ghost. Unfortunately the thing that he has been most consistent with, is his inability to catch a ball.

Consider that Rogers is only an unrestricted free agent in 2010 if the Collective Bargaining Agreement is extended – otherwise, he’s a restricted free agent. Perhaps he is trying to guarantee that no matter what type of free agent he is – he won’t be in Washington in 2010. He practically said as much on Sunday:

“I didn’t really worry about it, and I’m not really going to think about it. I ain’t even going to think about no future here.”

Awesome attitude Carlos. I’m sure that teams will be lining up like lambs at the slaughter for a cornerback with a pariah personality, and the hands of a snake. Perhaps someone could get ‘Los’ a piece of humble pie for him to enjoy on the bench in Dallas – while he’s not really paying attention.

If his intent was to make sure that the Redskins have NO interest in retaining his services for next year – then he’s probably going about it in the right way; but if he spends the rest of the year on the bench, he might be hard-pressed to get a contract offer of any worth.

Jim Zorn and Jerry Gray haven’t announced what they’ll do at CB against the Cowboys yet; they’re expected to make an announcement later this week. Fred Smoot filled in last week, and filled in well. Justin Tryon is playing better and better, and the Redskins also have 2009 draft pick Kevin Barnes to work into the equation. On paper, Rogers might look better than all of the incumbents; but sometimes, you have to make personnel decisions that are good for the team as a unit. In my opinion, the time is now to find the players on the existing roster that want to continue to be Washington Redskins.

At this point – the ONLY value in getting Rogers back out there is to create some kind of trade value for him. If the CBA isn’t extended and Carlos is a restricted free agent, then someone is going to have to see some value in him to give up compensation to the Redskins.

Time to sit or get off the pot.

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