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Leftovers – Week 11

By Jake Russell | November 21st, 2009

Here is this week’s fullfilling Leftover’s this THN Weekly with Andre Carter!

THN: How much did having Monday off help you and the team?

AC: To be honest with you, we still had to come in lift and watch film on our own. The Monday off is just an underline statement.

THN: The crowd noise during the end of the fourth quarter was undoubtedly the loudest it’s been all season. How much did the team feed off of that? How great did it feel to hear that as opposed to boos or a quiet stadium?

AC: It was a great feeling at FedEx. It’s the type of noise that you enjoy especially on defense. By hearing that noise we knew we had the momentum of the game. No one wants to hear boos or silence. You want to hear cheers and screams. I enjoyed every moment of the crowd.

THN: How would you assess Levi Jones’ performance and his impact on the offensive line? Do you think he would be a solid replacement at left tackle if Chris Samuels decides to retire after the season?

AC: Levi has always been a great player. We had a few battles in college. I hope he can remain with the team next year. I feel he can be great asset to the offensive linemen but that decision will be made upstairs.

THN: Along with the Redskins, Denver was the other team in contention to sign you as a free agent in 2006 and was the team your father played for. Is there any sense of vindication or different kind of excitement when you get the chance to play the Broncos?

AC: There was no hidden emotion for this past game. It was a team that I prepared for to win and that’s it.

THN: Do you think the new guys on the team understand the meaning of Dallas Week? What have they said about it so far?

AC: I don’t know yet. They have a little bit of an idea. When I first arrived in ‘06, I had no clue how much of rivalry [there was] between the Cowboys and Skins. I found out when I had first set foot in the stadium. In my mind I was like, ‘Oh, I get it.’

THN: Dallas has been up and down this year. This week they are coming off of a down point after losing to Green Bay. Dallas is still in the division lead but why are they so inconsistent?

AC: I really don’t know. Each team has there ups and downs. Regardless, the Cowboys have a lot of weapons and the matchups are going to be great.

THN: Does the fact that Dallas and Philadelphia lost after the victory over the Broncos give the team even more hope and a renewed energy heading into next week?

AC: We never thought about that. It’s a good analysis but what we did is just a start. How we utilize this momentum is up to us.

THN: Does it feel strange to you to face a division rival for the first time so late in the season?

AC: It’s not strange. In my career I have experienced playing division opponents later during the season. It’s life.