Musings from Curmudgeon Corner 10/2/2009

Washington Commanders

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Isn’t a week a wonderful thing? All I can say is, I’m some glad the Redskins didn’t have a game scheduled last week… I have a feeling that things just would have turned out badly had they played.

Up next… Tampa Bay.

I’m completely blown away. Almost all of the pundits are picking the Redskins to win. Now, I freely admit that I’m pretty much of a homer, but this really surprises me. I mean, last week, most were picking them to lose to the team with the longest losing streak in the league (of course, they now have a win, so they are a winning team… which is more than Tampa has going).

I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense. The pundits are a lot less accurate than the fans who are picking in Hognostications, yet the pundits got the Lions game right. OK, yes, I was very concerned about that game, as well… but OFFICIALLY, I picked the ‘skins. It will be cool if they get the Tampa game right too.

Cool! 4th game of the season, and we’re talking draft!

As is often the case when the Redskins get off to a rough start (so, yeah, pretty much every year), the draft talk is starting up in the discussion forums. The fans wonder “who are we going to take with that #4 overall pick?” Looking like the early lead is held by Jevan Snead of Ole Miss. Cool. I seem to recall the Redskins drafting Snead with the second overall pick in the 1961 draft. True.

Norm Snead made a career of falling down whenever pass rushers got within 3 paces of him. For some reason (I can only believe that it was divine intervention), the Philadelphia Eagles felt that it was more important that they have a starting quarterback who falls down a lot, than one who was incredibly accurate and had one of the quickest releases in NFL history… It’s unfortunate that there is not a Jurgensen in the league that we could trade Snead for in the future…

Ok, Norm Snead wasn’t really that bad (he managed to get himself selected for 4 Pro-Bowls)… but I do have vivid recollections of my Mom… a die hard Redskins fan, celebrating the day they announced the trade. I suppose there were two reasons… first, she knew that Sonny was a much better quarterback, and second, her brother was an Eagles fanatic… and she loved rubbing this trade in.


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