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Leftovers – Week 13

By Jake Russell | December 4th, 2009

This week’s Leftover’s from Week 13’s version of THN Weekly with Andre Carter features his opinion on why star receivers continue to get wide open against the Redskins secondary, Jeremy Jarmon’s season ending injury and the reason for the offense’s improved point production. He also gives a surprise vote for NFL MVP.

THN: The secondary still let the opposing teams star receiver get wide open for a touchdown for the third time in the last three games (the first two being Brandon Marshall’s), this time allowing DeSean Jackson to score another long touchdown like he did several weeks before. Why was he allowed to slip right by and why was no one on him?

AC: I have no clue. I didn’t ask what happened on that particular play.

THN: Smoot was standing still on that play and was manning one spot, so he was obviously playing zone defense. Why was zone defense called on that specific play?

AC: I am not [sure] if it was based on personnel when the call was made or the down and distance. However, it was made and we have to play the call accordingly.

THN: There are several great quarterbacks in the league right now. What is it about Drew Brees that makes him different from the others?

AC: He is a comeback quarterback kid. I have seen him when the Saints are behind and he finds a way to put the momentum in his hands. He is a leader and is respected in his organization and in the NFL.

THN: For the second time in three weeks, the offense has put up over 20 points. Obviously, adding Sherman Lewis put a new wrinkle into the system. Is he the reason for the improved scoring or is it another factor that no one’s talking about?

AC: I feel it’s the character of men we have on the field. These are the men who want to win. How they execute each call has been outstanding.

THN: Who would you consider to be the NFL MVP so far at this point in the season?

AC: London Fletcher. Do I need to explain more? His energy and performance are key elements of his success this year.

THN: How differently would you be looking at this season if the Cowboys and Eagles games ended as victories?

AC: I don’t look at the record or ask questions what if. I focus on the day I compete and fight my butt off despite what the record is. If we had won those games it would be a great success because it was an NFC East opponent, however, we didn’t and it’s unfortunate.

THN: The team, for some reason as of late, has played harder and better against better opponents with younger, less experienced players than earlier in the season when there were more veterans healthy and active while playing against more inferior opponents. Does that say something about the starters on this team and that certain changes need to be made?

AC: I can’t speak on the changes that need to made but [what] I can say is I tip my hat to the younger players who have contributed to making an effort winning for the Redskins organization. It goes a long way and if by chance they get released, their performance will be showcased to 31 other teams.

THN: How disappointed are you to see Jeremy Jarmon suffer a bad season ending injury? What were you expecting and hoping to see out of him the rest of the season had he stayed healthy?

AC: I was expecting him to play more these next five games. He was slowly coming along and it’s unfortunate he was injured last week. He is one of those players that could play end and defensive tackle. I pray that he has a great recovery and will contribute more next year.

THN: You wanted me to ask you again this week. With the news now that Jerry Gray WON’T be heading to Memphis, how big of a relief is that to the defense and the secondary or was it not even a concern at all? And was it a distraction to anyone last week when the players and coaches found out he was a final candidate to coach them?

AC: It was never a distraction to begin with. That’s life in coaching football. Other opportunities will always arise. It’s good to know that he will stick around. He is a great coach and he knows a lot about the game.