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They Won? Sorry… I'm Waiting for the Other Shoe…

By Mike Keys | December 5th, 2009

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

Ok, I admit it. The homer in me is thrilled with the result today.

The Redskins got a W. The offense found a little of it’s mojo, albeit not until the second half, with both a rare Redzone touchdown, and an even rarer deep strike for a 59 yard touchdown. The defense played pretty tough, and got the plays when they needed them. They consistently got off the field on third down. Tackling was solid.

Reed Doughty showed why he got the start today. This is an interesting conundrum… Horton has not been playing poorly… it’s just that when Doughty has been in the game, he’s made the most of it. Today, as the starter, he was credited for 11 tackles (10 solo). That’s nearly 17% of the defensive plays today! Again, where the ball was, there was a good chance you could find #37 somewhere near. As a longtime fan of a previous # 37, Pat Fischer, I have to say the he’s doing a nice job of honoring the number.

Despite his limited playing time today, Chris Horton is doing what he can to make the argument that the starting job should be his. He recovered the fumble which sealed the Redskins victory.

Albert Haynesworth got 0 tackles… but he did a wonderful job of disrupting Tampa Bay’s blocking assignments, and contributed to the success our linebackers had in pursuit… ultimately, that is why he is here. He was in on most defensive snaps, and appeared to play like he had something to prove. Good to see.

Kudos also go to Shaun Suisham… he was “Johnny on the Spot” after the late loss of Hunter Smith in punting duties, due to a groin injury. His kickoffs were consistently deep, and his punts, while not works of art, did the job. That blocked PAT was not on him.

Chris Cooley continues to earn his paycheck as Washington‘s clutch receiver. He added 5 receptions (including 1 for a touchdown) today, to bring his season total to 21, for 254 yards. How can you not love this guy?

Clinton Portis gutted out a painful calf injury to get 98 yards on 25 carries (not quite 4 yards/carry). It was a gutsy performance.

The Redskins did not back into the win. They needed to earn it. Good for them.

Did you know that curmudgeons tend to be a tad on the cynical side? It’s true!

I remain very concerned about this offense. It consistently finds a way to play down to the level of the opposition, and allows them to remain in games that should be won by the middle of the 3rd quarter. Today was no different. The offense wasn’t offering much help at all to the Defense in the first half. That was one of the most disappointing performances we’ve seen in a while (ok, it was horrid). The Defense, while not playing “lights out” during the half, played a significant role in keeping the game in arm’s reach. Of course, some help from Tampa Bay’s hapless kicker, Mike Nugent, with 2 missed field goal attempts, didn’t hurt either.

Does anyone know if the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to NFL Cornerbacks with severe hand-eye coordination deficits? Would someone please declare Carlos Rogers to be officially in need of an equalizer?  Is there any player in the league (including offensive linemen) that has worse hands???  This guy needs a league waiver to be authorized to use stickum, and I mean right now. Lets slather him up, ala Lester Hayes, and see what happens. It’s really sad. That missed pick 6 at the end of the first half would have created a very different game (though, I’m sure, the Redskins would have figured out a way to keep the Bucs involved).

The play calling wasn’t quite as scary as it has been, but I don’t think I’d call it satisfactory. A run game that can go right, as well as left, would be nice.

Can anybody tell me why Anthony Aldridge is on the team? We seem to have this habit of panicking and bringing in running backs whom we never use. Is there a plan for him? I wouldn’t mind seeing what he can do.

While I’m on the subject, why is Antwaan Randle-El still returning punts? Sigh.

Finally… 6 first half points in the last 3 games. Is that right???

I can’t wait to see what creative game plan they devise to keep Carolina in the game.

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