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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner, 10/8/2009

By Mike Keys | December 8th, 2009

From the Darkness… some light.

Ok, I’m being melodramatic. Humor me. I’m just not quite getting warm fuzzies from this year’s version of the Redskins. I remain baffled at the rather weak offensive performances… I’m putting that away for a while, now… hopefully, I can keep that in it’s closet for the rest of the season.

Now, to the good stuff. Redskins fans, for years, have railed against the apparent allergy the Redskins have had to building the team from within. Quietly, and without fanfare, there was a milestone this past weekend. From Ryan O’Halloran’s article in the October 7 Washington Times, I learned that the Redskins HAVE been demonstrating some success in building through the draft.

During last Sunday’s game, he points out that, with the game on the line “During the Buccaneers’ final possession, the Redskins’ defense featured six players 25 or younger, and seven of the 11 players were Washington draft picks.“ Reading that was one of those moments where you just go “Hmmm….” Perhaps “building through the draft” is possible in Washington.

Panthers up next

Here are two teams that seem to present one enigma after another. The Panthers were quality last year. There is no doubt that they will come at the Redskins with a very powerful and potentially explosive running game… the mystery is, which QB and receivers will be on the field? The explosive trio from 2008? The baffling under-performers of 2009? This team should make our team nervous.

Extra set of eyes?

Sherman Lewis is a quality, character guy. Stand up class act. Should have had a shot at a head coaching position many years ago. Guys like this are the reason the Rooney Rule was implemented. Anyway, I can’t imagine much good coming from this. Zorn will talk the talk, will say the right things about appreciating the extra set of eyes… but I can’t imagine that he’s happy about this. On the other hand, I can’t imagine Sherm Lewis playing the part of Danny’s spy, either. I have no doubt that Zorn will know exactly what Lewis thinks… I’m also sure that there will be no underhandedness. Lewis is working for Snyder, but Zorn will not be in the dark about what Lewis will be saying to him. He’ll be up front at all times.

What’s wrong with the ‘skins?

I remain convinced that a major problem is a crisis in confidence. Zorn’s confidence in Campbell and the young receivers to be able to execute. Zorn’s confidence in the running game to get critical yards. Zorn’s confidence in the right side of the O-line to move the pile in running plays to that side. Campbell’s confidence in his young receivers. The team’s confidence in Zorn’s play calling… heck, ZORN’s confidence in Zorn’s playcalling. I don’t know what Sherman Lewis can do to correct that.  Fine… maybe Lewis can teach Zorn a thing or two about calling plays, especially early in the game.  A couple of actual OFFENSIVE touchdowns in the first half would be way cool…


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