You can count on B Mitch to speak his mind

Washington Commanders

Listened to the October 9 episode of “Uncensored with B Mitch” today… no matter what you think of the man, he says what’s on his mind… and there can be no doubt that he remains a Washington Redskin… the guy is a fan.

He added his thoughts on the Packers decision to let Brett Favre move on (it was the right call, in his opinion), as well as his thoughts on what the hiring of Sherman Lewis means to the future of Jim Zorn and the Redskins. Some eye opening tidbits tossed in throughout this segment.

He offered his preview of the ‘Skins-Panthers game coming up. He’s nervous… for many of the same reasons I am.

He even took the time to respond to some questions from fans, including from The Hogs.Net member Redskin In Canada’s alter ego, regarding his opinion about how fans could influence Dan Snyder to turn the team over to a real football mind. I suspect RIC was pleased with the response…

If you’d like to hear it, the replay is available by call-in (at no charge, according to the web site, and Brian). Call 712-432-6515, and select option 3 for the “Uncensored with B Mitch” program. If you’re thinking of calling, it ran for just over 32 minutes. As we’ve come to know, Brian doesn’t mince words. You know just what he’s thinking.

Today’s show had some really good stuff. This was Brian Mitchell at his “tell it like he sees it” best. One of the points he made during the show is that he recognizes that most fans don’t have a voice… and he sees him self as helping to fill that role. In closing his show today, he read a letter from an acquaintance of his, whom is a long time Redskins fan, like myself, who grew up in the ‘50’s and 60’s, during the true dark ages of DC sports. It was as if it came from me.

The next live show is Monday, at 1:00. Call the same number, but check here for the show id.

Brian Mitchell will take questions by e-mail, at

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