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Leftovers – Week 14

By Jake Russell | December 11th, 2009

This week’s version of leftovers feature Andre Carter discussing whether the Redskins are cursed, how Marquis Cooper’s passing has motivated the Raiders this year and how Raiders fans compare to Eagles fans plus more!

THN: Why hasn’t LaRon been moved to strong safety yet? It’s clear he’s not suited for free safety based off of all of the big touchdowns made against the secondary this season.

AC: This move will be determined by Coach Blache. I realky don’t know why he hasn’t been moved back.

THN: Devin Thomas was asked about the bad plays, bad calls and fluke plays that happened against the Saints. He’s only been on the team for two years but he said that it seems like the Redskins are cursed. Sometimes it certainly feels that way because three weeks in a row, you outplayed your opponent and put your all into it but still ended up losing. Do you believe in curses at all?

AC: I don’t believe in curses. I am a man of faith and in my mind it’s all God’s timing. Light will shine at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately we are climbing through a dark hole trying to work our way out into the open air.

THN: Have you ever been involved in a game with so many improbable plays and situations? The closest I can think of, for you, is the playoff game against the Giants in 2002. I can’t remember ever seeing a defensive back intercept a pass and then have it stripped by a receiver and have it taken for a touchdown.

AC: The playoff game in 2002 was crazy. The Giants had us beat but we kept on coming and we won. With that play you mentioned [it] will probably be on ‘NFL Follies’ in the future.

THN: Shaun Suisham was released Tuesday after his missed 23-yard field goal attempt on Sunday. He was one of the nicest people I’ve met since going to Redskins game. Amongst teammates, there’s a big bond. We all know that moves like these are a part of the business but from a personal standpoint, how tough is it to have a teammate that’s been around a while let go at this time of the year?

AC: It is always tough to see a player let go. That’s one of things I hate about the business.

THN: The Raiders are dealing with the same situation as the Lions, having Marquis Cooper pass away with Corey Smith this offseason. When there was a pigeon flying next to the Raiders players on kickoff coverage against the Eagles a few weeks ago, players said they believed that it was Marquis’ spirit following them. How do you think the passing of Marquis has impacted that team this year?

AC: It might have been Marquis showing up for the game. I really don’t know if his passing has united the players together. I wouldn’t put it past them. Hopefully Marquis’ loss meant something to the Oakland organization.

THN: Having grown up in California, what can you tell us about Raiders fans? Are they the West Coast’s version of Eagles fans?

AC: The Raider Nation is the term. I have met plenty of Raider fans and they have always wanted me to cross over to the dark side. The Raider fans don’t even compare to the Eagles fans. The Raider fans are more crazier and they dress up for game day as if it’s Halloween.

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