“B. Mitch Uncensored” 10/12

Washington Commanders

B. Mitch “I am a Washington Redskin. Yes, I played some in Philadelphia, and New York, but this is the team that gave me my chance. I am a fan.”

Brian Mitchell, who ranks second behind only the great Jerry Rice in Lifetime All Purpose Yards gained, spoke his mind on his show, “B. Mitch Uncensored” today at 1:00.

The Hogs.net member frankcal20 provides this recap:

– Special Teams cost us the game
– O line depth an issue as always
– 2nd year guys not performing – look at others (second year players) in the NFL
– No leadership on this team in coaches and players
– Zorn is the HC, but there are players who can go over his head
– Zorn can not have HC duties, and is probably restricted in his duties
– Current players do not stress history of the franchise to players who come in
– We have leaders, but not guys who can step in and put a “foot up the player’s butt when he steps out of line
– Need more renegades on the team. Guys who are gonna say, no matter what, we are going to win. If I need to bust my player in the face to do it, we will.
– B. Mitch said he’s a Washington Redskin, and he loves this team, and knows as a fan, they have players who are not producing or doing their part.
– Team needs to play with emotion… overcome your coaches, owners, and management.
– Team needs to show they are together.
– Orakpo and Carter are positives for this team. Haynesworth is something to build on, b/c the guys around him can succeed. D. Hall making plays with only 12 games. Owner is going to start making a chang. Needs to learn to step away and let the people he hired do their job.
– B. Mitch thinks Charlie Casserly is the man for the job. Beathard is still available and the Skins offered him a very low contract before.”

Great job, frank!

B. Mitch spoke, with conviction, about his feeling that there is not adequate respect for the history of the franchise, that there is not a tradition currently of older players passing along the pride of that history to new players… and he thinks that is truly unfortunate.

In discussing leadership among the players, he noted that “for every Antwan Randle-El, you need a Brian Mitchell” meaning that for every strong, quiet, supportive and mentoring leader, you need one who will “put your boot so far up someone’s but, that they can smell boot polish”. He feels that there are many of the former types of leader… all very good, solid leaders, but none of the latter.

You may recall that, when speaking of the spat between Portis and Sellers last week, Zorn lamented that such spats should be kept in the locker room. Mitchell pointed out that, in actuality, “Coaches are part of the Team, but they’re not part of the locker room.”, meaning that the locker room is a players only domain, and even coaches should not know what’s going on in there.

To listen to today’s show, you can call 712-432-6515, and follow the prompts for “B. Mitch Uncensored”. The instructions are at www.comvl.com .

B. Mitch will have more to say on Friday of this week, as he previews the KC game. He dropped a hint about his feeling today,when he noted how difficult the Chiefs made life for the Cowboys on Sunday. To listen live on Friday, call 712-432-8220, and use id 5154 .

Also, watch for a reminder thread from Brian on Friday morning on THN’s Hogwash forum on our message board. He usually will solicit questions by e-mail, and, as noted above, today also took some live calls from listeners.

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