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Bright Future? Not this year…

By Mike Keys | December 12th, 2009

Is there any doubt that Marko Mitchell needs to be active every game? Dude had 2 passes thrown his way on Sunday… Turned both into first downs. He has that intangible that turns an average player into a producer. He has earned his shot. Besides, what is there to loose? I’m on the official “Start Marko” bandwagon

In the desperate search for bright spots, there is Shawn Suisham… who remains perfect on field goal attempts (10, so far)… several of which have not been especially easy.

Beyond that, well, the Redskins are consistent.

  • A thoroughly embarrassing performance by to offensive line in the first half.
  • Decent defensive performance offset by giving up the big play and unnecessary, (dare I say) stupid, penalties
  • Injuries, injuries, injuries.

On the other hand, despite the embarrassment of the first half (which we have come to expect), they did not immediately roll over and die. That was good to see, but, as usual, lapses and brain cramps squashed any hopes. The lack of play discipline is perhaps most maddening of all… and is not only reflective of sloppy player execution, but exceptionally poor preparation by the coaching staff.

In a word… Pathetic. There has been a complete breakdown of the team… this is now a group of individuals attempting to play a team sport… it is reflected in statements by players such as Fred Davis, who, after the game, said “I did well there..I’m glad at least I did my job”. I don’t know. That sounds like a man intent more upon spinning his own performance at the expense of others than in winning games.

We are slowly starting to see cracks in the fabric of team unity… unfortunately, the outcome is not likely to be pretty over the remainder of this year. My expectations for my team have NEVER been so low. It would not surprise me to see them in the L column for the entire rest of the year. It is very painful to say that. I have never been so disappointed… even in the ’60’s, when they could be completely relied upon to break your heart.

I miss my Redskins… what has happened to them? The question is rhetorical, of course

I believe I know the answer. I believe we all do.
I’m not optimistic for a solution over the next year… Snyder seems convinced that he does not need a football man running the team… until that mountain is crossed… and he realizes that this is really beginning to cost in terms of team value… we are not likely to see a return of the powerhouse teams of the 80’s.

Rome is burning, Mr Snyder. You should consider putting the fiddle away…

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