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Redskins open counseling service for Winless NFL Teams

Bumming over that goose egg in the win column? Well, Vinnie and Dan can help. Book an appointment with The Washington Redskins today!

Man, if it could go wrong, it did. First, the 14 of the 17 points scored by the Redskins were courtesy of the Defense. The Offense did little beyond take advantage of 2 gifts of incredible field position. Then, to top it off, the Offense donated 2 points to the Panthers, courtesy of very poorly executed stretch play in the end zone following a very impressive 4 play defensive stand from it’s own goal line by the defense.

That is not to say the Defense was sterling. They completely ran out of gas at the end of the game, permitting multiple conversions on 3rd down through the 4th quarter. I’m baffled. The defense is loaded with talent, but continues to underachieve. Carlos Rogers continues his one man campaign for the reinstatement of Stickum, having both hands surrounding the ball on a throw into the end zone. To no one’s surprise, it turned into just another pass defended by #22. Yo, ‘Los. Interceptions are good things. It’s ok to catch the ball once in a while.

Chris Samuels was lost very early due to a stinger received on the second offensive play of the game… a 10 yard swing pass to Portis that resulted in the first score. Loosing Samuels turned out to be a double whammy. It basically cost the team the services of it’s most prolific and clutch receiver… Chris Cooley was often unable to enter pass routes, as D’Anthony Batiste was unable to match up with either D. end, and required help all game.

And., a suggestion for any starving second year wide receivers out there… when the quarterback lays the ball in your hands on a sideline sprint in a clutch situation? Hold onto the ball.

Oh… bizarre calls from officials? There were a few. I think they got both controversial calls technically correct, but, boy that 3 stooges act while they sorted out the “muff” call ? Not good. If the NFL wants to continue to give them the power to make judgment calls that can (and do) affect the outcomes of games, they should at least give the appearance that they know what they are doing.

I do have to give kudos to Jake Delhomme for that incredible naked bootleg that sealed the game. That was brilliant.

The bottom line, the skins surrendered a 15 point lead, and, once again, provided comfort to a winless team. Kansas City, here we come!

Darn it… another win less team.

I imagine Brian Mitchell Uncensored will be interesting on Monday at 1:00. Check here for the number and access code…

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  1. The bottom line, the skins surrendered a 15 point lead, and, once again, provided comfort to a winless team. Kansas City, here we come!

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