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Washington Commanders

HOOOOO HOOOOOO!  Football is back!

It’s about time:

Mike Sellers has been named a Captain of the Special Teams, which is certainly well deserved. This could prove very interesting, as he is known to be the king of the pranksters at Redskins Park… There will be no restraining him now.  Powerful, emotional leader….  bring it, Mike!   Just PLEASE make sure Tanner Cooley’s got his camera running once in a while for your “team building” exercises…

Giants Weekend

Uh huh. I’m stoked for this. Now, no doubt I’m being set up once again, but this defense can be awesome… I mean carry the offense awesome. Every time I hear complaints that “They didn’t dooooo nuuuuuthin’ to fix our awwwwwwfense…” Please! They gave us a defensive line! Field position! Turnovers! Quarterback rushes! Sacks! Intimidation! Defensive scores! DUDE! that’s a better offense!  I admit it… my idea of incredible football is a 2-0 victory.

Seriously.  A +3 point change in the average score differential changes the entire 2008 season.  Frankly, I can see no reason that this defense can’t make that up all by themselves.  An extra take away here… a 15 yard improvement in field position there…  the occasional defensive score…  consistently forcing “3 and outs” (putting the ball back into the hands of our offense) in the 4th quarter… 3 points is well within their grasp.  If the offense shows no improvement at all… just maintains the status quo… the Redskins record improves.

Soooo… what happens if the Offense improves too?

The Giants are in for a long day.

I’m all for long days…

What is he thinking???

Ok, it’s not Redskins related, but I think we can agree… Richard Seymore is a beast on the defensive line…

Now, I can certainly understand him being a little peeved at being sentenced to the Purgatory known as the Oakland Raiders, but consider… this is the last year of his contract… he is a free agent come the late winter... in a year that promises to be pretty weak for free agent D-linemen. Ummm… Richard? What is going on in your head??? Suck it up dude… you are really screwing up your payday. Maybe you should get together with Michael Crabtree, and compare notes on the best way to screw up your retirement portfolio!

And… what the heck is going on in Buffalo???

One thing’s for sure:  we can’t blame TO for the meltdown in upstate NY.  The team is in a complete panic, and has probably tossed their season out the window.  Ummm… people… you couldn’t figure out that your offensive concept sucked BEFORE you played your last preseason game???    and, “who needs a starting Left Tackle, anyway?   I mean, dude, we have TO!”  Imagine what it must be like to be Joe Billsfan right now…


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