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Did you know that the Redskins will set a record for consecutive games against winless teams this Sunday? It’s true. Clearly, the Gods have smiled upon us! The easiest schedule in football is ours. Danny must have used some kind of Redskins friendly virus on the scheduling computer. What fun!

Yet, we are 2 and 3. With todays announcement that Chris Samuels is a no-go for Sunday, it may well be 2-4 come 5:00 Sunday afternoon, and our special rehabilitation program for undefeated opponents will have another happy customer. Wow. Perhaps the Gods just have a cruel sense of humor. I sure wish they’d make up their minds. This is just brutal.

Just read Dan Steinberg’s WP Blog called “Zorn Admits He Didn’t Know Fair Catch Rule”. People, just in case you haven’t heard, we are in trouble. Every time he speaks, it gets clearer. Jim Zorn is a nice guy… who apparently is living in an alternate universe. Remember the history. His first presser began with a gaffe (Maroon and Black). The talk last year about “staying medium” (what’s wrong with a football player hitting the field running on screech, Coach?). This year, the repetitive “We are improving” and just plain inaccurate assessments of team progress during the post game pressers, and “I’m sorry, Sonny… I’d have to bench you.”

…but this one takes it.

“Yeah, well, I knew most of the rule. But it turns out I didn’t know one little phrase, and that was a passive player versus an active player.” Oh, man.

For his piece de resistance, he noted that “Our special teams is playing GREAT,” Ummmm… Jim? Did you actually watch the game???????? My head hurts.

Zorn is obligated by the league to do a post game presser. Jim, do yourself a favor… get really bad laryngitis immediately after that one obligation. That should minimize the damage.

I have always been a fan of Jim Zorn. I’m truly saddened to see it turning out as, clearly, it is. He deserves better.  I noted before that, at the time of his hiring, I had reservations, but gave him, and Snyder, the benefit of the doubt. They must have seen something that we don’t know is there. Surely, there was a reason for tossing the entire building effort by Gibbs, et al.

Yup. There’s a reason. I believe Snyder is well intentioned. Really. Unfortunately, he also, apparently has allowed his ego to function as the foundation of his judgement. Mr Snyder… please. Stop touching the buttons. Give them to someone who knows what he is doing. I love this team. We, the fans on this site, love this team. The greatest fan base in football loves this team. I know that you love it too… but, I fear, you are killing it.

That said, I’m still going to be jumping around like an idiot during the game this Sunday, hoping for the offensive explosion that we all know is just around the corner.  I’m still a fan… and, despite all that my brain is telling it… my heart still believes.

My brain feels sick.

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