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Washington Commanders

Losing Sucks… it’s true.

Laron! Get your head in the game

It was clear from the start… they got into Laron Landry’s head. He was focused on the big hit… his personal game plan: knock Jacobs out. We saw him on several occasions taking “special aim” on his personal boogieman. Fortunately, a penalty was called only once, but what the heck? Ummmmm… Laron? What about Gregg Blaches game plan? Laron? Just play the game. Forget last year… and stop letting bozo’s from other boards get into your head. Play the freaking game… you are too good to let people playing mind games break your discipline.

Enter the Dragon

Remember Jason Campbell’s “Dragon”? Sorry, Jason. Personally, I don’t think your dragon should go to another game with you until he’s housebroken. I mean, he was leaving little dragon gifts all over the field in the Meadowlands. Messy. I once liked dragons, especially the really angry medieval European breeds… but this one is just not cutting it, and it’s making me a little sour on all dragons. Actually, forget housebreaking. Just get a bigger dragon, Jason. Oh, and if it could be a little meaner, that would be cool, too. If you could teach him all about pocket awareness (you know… stepping up to avoid the pressure, where the line of scrimmage is, that kind of stuff), that would be great, too.


Well played! No, really. The fumble was a dumb QB play, not on the OL. The protection was very good… Osi was being steered around and behind by Samuels… textbook LT play… except… ummm… the quarterback is supposed to step into the pocket. I am not strongly worried about the run blocking performance… this was good play against one of the best lines in the league. Petty complaints aside, they played well enough to give Jason all the time he actually needed. That’s really all you can ask.


(The ‘Mudge)

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