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Hey, Dan… Wouldn't a vacation be nice?

By Mike Keys | December 16th, 2009

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

“Linus! You’ve got to lose the blanket! Oh yeah!”

There is one thing that the Redskins have plenty of… and that is retired great running backs who have an opinion. Riggins has joined the pig pile, along with B. Mitch. There seems to be a bit of a competition to see who can contribute the wittiest commentary. That would definitely have to be Riggo… B. Mitch seems to have the bigger bite, though.

I had intended to add some commentary about Chris Samuels… but there’s so much of it, that it seems redundant. I’m very concerned about the state of his health. I’d love to see him back on the field, but it’s much more important that he make the right call for his long term health. Best wishes, big guy.

One thing is clear. If Samuels is down for the season, this team is in very deep trouble. Heyer is a moderately effective pass blocker, but he really has no business starting on the Left side. His ability to run block has never been demonstrated. I can’t imagine how the team will be able to get any semblance of a running game going again… plus, I have a feeling that we are going to lose a lot of Chris Cooley as a receiver, due to a need to keep him in for pass pro. Not good.

We have one last game against a winless team… I have no illusions about it. We cannot count on our offense to score. Our defense must provide excellent field position, and force 3 and outs all game long. That is our best bet to finish with a victory. Realistically, we are about to head into the meat of the schedule. I’m not holding my breath.  Frankly, the outlook is pretty cloudy…

Might as well ride the rest of the year with Zorn, at this point. What would be the point of hiring a caretaker coach? Do this right, this time, Mr. Snyder. Find, and turn the team over to a competent football mind.

There are those who are saying that you are turning into Raider Al. I don’t see it. While lately, the results have been the same, Al had 3 Lombardi Trophies in his case that came under his watch. Al has history. His mind may be fixated on outdated team building philosophies, but at least his philosophies once bore fruit.

Mr. Snyder, it should be abundantly clear to you at this point, neither you, nor your adviser, are able to assemble the organization, the coaches, and the complete package of players needed to ever compete for a Lombardi trophy. Many fans and others have voiced concerns over the potential of exactly this situation you find yourself in with the Offensive Line (I’m ashamed to admit that I was not one of them). They repeatedly warned of the dangers that would result from our lack of depth.

You will, instead, whittle away decades of fan loyalty, the historical and fiscal value of your team… as well as your own credibility as an owner deserving of any respect. The players themselves will see increasing issues with dissatisfaction, fractures in their relationships with each other, and tumbling morale. A losers mind-set will slowly take root. If you want to see what it looks like, there are plenty of examples in the league… Detroit… Cleveland… Oakland… How long has it taken teams like the Jets, Saints, and Cardinals to recover from long term leadership failures?

Hire a GM… Now.  then let him decide what to do with Zorn and Vinnie.

Once that’s done… go to Barbados… for a while. A long while.

Just leave the checkbook… please.

Don’t forget!  B. Mitch Uncensored on Friday, as he previews the KC game. It’s usually on at 1:00PM. To listen live on Friday, call 712-432-8220, and use id 5154.

You can bet he’ll have plenty to say about the line situation, as well as his opinion about what Mr Snyder should consider.  Also, watch for a reminder thread from Brian on Friday morning on THN’s Hogwash forum on our message board.

HTTR…   The ‘mudge

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4 Responses to “Hey, Dan… Wouldn't a vacation be nice?”

  1. So you want the owner to provide endless funds but have no other involvement in team affairs…nice dream. Would you be able to do this? No of course not but you can take all the shots you want but would like your target to pay for the ammo.

  2. All this post was missing, was a nanny-nanny-poo-poo. 🙂

    Maybe if the target paid for the ammo, he’d realize how much he’d been shooting his own foot off.

    As hard as this might be for some Redskin fans to grasp – there are plenty of owners that step back and let someone who knows something about football run their franchise…

    Vinny? Is that you? Going by the name Matt today??

  3. Yes, Matt, that’s exactly what we want him to do. As a successful business owner, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you hire people that DO know what you don’t know. No large business owner is CEO, CFO, Chairman of the Board, and any other head honcho title you can muster up all in one.

    I would say Snyder doesn’t know how to run an NFL organization from the personnel level. And as regression sets in after Joe Jackson Gibbs 2.0, he should see that. Hire some people who know what they’re doing and let them do their job. As Snyder IS a successful business man, I have a hard time believing that he thinks he can run this NFL establishment without a few yes men bobbing their heads and encouraging Snyder to continue to meddle, b/c when you’re tearing up a team like the Redskins with the rich history they have, it’s meddling, it’s not managing.


  4. Vinnie… errrr… Matt… that’s some funny stuff!

    YES… that’s close to what I expect. Close? Yeah… he gets to say “No” from time to time…

    from Barbados.