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By Mark Solway | December 18th, 2009

Well we are only one day past a very memorable day for Redskin fans, but I can’t help but look back and have a couple of issues…

Freedom of the Press

where on earth were the Washington press for this massive executive flip-flop? There wasn’t one shred of a hint that this was going to happen? I’ve stated many times in these blogs that one of my biggest bones of contention with the Washington media is that they seem to spend so much time trying to sensationalize worthless stories, that they miss the juicy stuff going on right in front of them. How is this not a perfect example of that? 

Bruce Allen’s brother, George Allen, summed it well, “In this city of Washington, where leaking is the way of conducting business, I was telling my wife, Susan, I could not believe that nothing has leaked on this. You all are writing about Clinton Portis’ concussions, Albert Haynesworth and all these other things. But this somehow stayed under wraps.”

And yet, surely there had to be some indications for anyone paying attention.

Jason Reid reported in WP’s Redskin Insider today that the Redskins had complied with the Rooney Rule, and had the following quote on doing so from John Wooten, the chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance: “We’re very satisfied. They fulfilled it over 10 days ago.”

The Redskins fulfilled the Rooney rule 10 DAYS AGO and there wasn’t a single shred of evidence for the press corps to turn up? I find that difficult to believe. No evidence to be found? Not likely. Not paying close enough attention? More likely.

You have to hand it to owner Dan Snyder, he’s created a propaganda wheel that is extremely effective.

As fans, we’re sitting ducks.

And I guess if I am going to be fair to the press, their “access” is often laughable; because of that, I’m trying not to be judgmental, but it seems incompetent that nobody cracked this story at all.


Rumors swirled today  that Cerrato will be staying on as a ‘consultant.’ 

Are you kidding me?

 PFT speculated that it was hush money –  bought silence on any former transgressions that may have happened within the organization

Who really knows why Cerrato would be kept on – but it would just feel like an itch that you couldn’t scratch.

Vinny denied the the rumor today though, so hopefully it was just bad reporting.

That’s the problem with a propaganda wheel – it just becomes impossible to know what you should and shouldn’t  believe.

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