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I’m sorry, Mr. Cassell.  Did I violate your personal space?

It made no difference, ultimately, in the outcome of the game, but that alleged “roughing the passer” call on Haynesworth is just further evidence that the effort by the NFL to protect a single group of players is completely out of control.  The NFL has made the determination that an all out effort to keep Quarterbacks from being touched has greater value than protecting the integrity of the game.

Two weeks ago, a similar call was made to protect Tom Brady.  I have heard that the Referee actually passed out when he realized that Brady’s aura had been ruffled. My God… it could have prevented him from correctly ordering a latte at Starbucks had it been left unaddressed.  You just don’t mess with a man’s aura.

Today, Al Haynesworth broke through the line, and got to Matt Cassell just as he released the ball. According to the league’s new rules, Haynesworth is now responsible to manage the laws of physics, and prevent gravity from assuming control. What a crock. Why do we bother to play defense anymore?

Oh, Mr.Snyder. What to do?

Everyone in Redskins Nation has an opinion. Many have several. There is a prevailing one…
Fire yourself. You are no GM. You have succeeded in bringing a franchise that was near the bottom in terms of it’s credibility the rest of the way there… to the bottom, that is.

I am embarrassed. 6 games. 6 winless teams. 2 wins (neither of them anything to brag about) 4 losses. The record is bad enough… unfortunately, 3 of our losses came at the hands of the worst teams in the league… well… except for us. Of the 6 games thus played, we should have expected difficulty in only one.

A fan revolt is in the making, you can be sure. The question is, what will you be doing about it?  Do you make the changes that you know you must make?  Or do you take some superficial, cosmetic action?  Do you blame the press?  Or do you accept accountability, admit you have made major errors, and begin the process of making corrections?  For the record?  We know that we have no vote… but if we did?  You’re fired.

Fans know the score.

The reality is, there is not likely to be much you can do at this point to salvage a respectable season. The time to do that was in the first 6 games. The Redskins now head into a buzz saw of good teams… each clearly more competitive than ours… with a patchwork Offensive Line constructed of bench players and castoffs.  Neither of our experienced quarterbacks have demonstrated any of the talents you would hope to see from a WC quarterback… though I suspect Collins can probably adapt some with time spent practicing with the first string.  Yet, your head coach announced at the post game presser, that he has made no decision to pull Campbell from the starting line-up.  In case you haven’t yet noticed, Zorn’s a nice guy, and all… but he’s clueless… remember that in last week’s presser, he noted that Special Teams played well (my recollection about Special Teams contribution was a bit different)?

In a way, the loss today may actually relieve some of the pressure that’s been on you.  Expectations are now at rock bottom… how can it get worse?  This is not the Giants of 2 years ago.  There will be no Super Bowl upset for the Redskins at the end of this season.

We, as fans, are now fully aware that a victory will be a rarity this year.  It cannot get worse. I no longer believe that it’s realistic to expect this team to compete with this year’s Eagles, Giants or Cowboys. In the past, even when fielding poor Redskins teams, those teams at least had the heart to lift themselves to do real battle against divisional rivals (B. Mitch touched on this a couple of weeks ago).  But, if you can’t compete against truly poor teams… the Lions, the Rams, the Bucs, the Panthers, the Chiefs… then you are not likely to do so against a fundamentally sound team… much less an excellent team.

This would be an excellent time, then, to bring in an NFL professional to run your team. Begin the process of constructing a front office designed to build a winner.

That would be NOW, Mr. Snyder.

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  1. Well now , Mr Snyder, what are we gonna do here.. Do we have to sit and watch the Redskins lose each week?? I think you have good players on this team.. I have a few favorites, in Chis Cooley, Collins, and the #1 running back in the league, but how can he do it with a poor head coach that is (trying) to run the team.. I can sit in my living room and see mistakes he is making on play calling..I think we need to take a close look and most likely the season is over this year but you better take a long hard look next time and not hire a Quarterback to be your head coach..He is locked in on Jason Campbell and i dont say Jason is a bad quarterback but it the play calling from the sidelines thats hurting the team.. Collins is also a good one, but again he has to do what the Coach tells him and when you get in the red zone and on the 3 yeard line and cant get in the end zone, there is a real problem.. Not with the players but the coach thats telling them what to do out there.. I am truly sick. I have been a skins fan for many years as i am 77 years old but it just makes me sick to see the team being handled like it is.. I use to coach little league football and could probably do better than i am seeing sunday after sunday.. Wellll…… Mr Snyder the parties over now, Eagles , Cowboys and other strong teams coming up, so what will our head coach do now.. Put Jason out there and let him throw, run and hand off to the wrong people because the coach tells him thats what hes suppose do.. I am truly sick of his bad judgement.. ANYTHING WE CAN DO HERE??????

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