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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner 9/20/09

By Mike Keys | December 21st, 2009

You talkin’ to ME?

Oh, young Mister Henson… when you said “All you fake half hearted Skins fan can .. I won’t go there but I dislike you very strongly, don’t come to Fed Ex to boo dim wits!!”  Did you really need to add “The question is who are you to say you know what’s best for the team and you work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds”?
Ummm… Mister Henson… you are aware, are you not, that you are but a missed tackle, or two, away from joining the 9-5 crowd at Mickey D’s, are you not? Careful whom you step on while on the way up… they may be the same folks you encounter on your way back down.

You have no clue about the history here, do you? The Rams never get booed at home? Are your friends saying that Rams fans are satisfied with mediocrity?   They certainly don’t have the depth of history that the Redskins do.

How many trips now into the red zone this year? How many touchdowns? What?   Geeze… and you don’t think that the fans have any reason to be frustrated?

Now, lest you be a tad perturbed with me, let me point out that I am a fan of 51.  Thicker skin will serve you well.  Sometimes, there is good cause to boo your own team.  Yes, it absolutely SHOULD hurt your pride.

Gosh, being a little creative with the Red Zone playcalling would just mess everything up.

I mean, heaven forbid we call a power run play when we need 1 foot for a first down.

I mean, why would we want to kick a field goal and force our opponent to score a touchdown at the end of the game?

I mean, so what if we have a troika of tall receivers to use in the red zone passing game?

I mean… Yeah… I’m glad we won the game… but is it really necessary to put so much effort into keeping the Rams in the game, Mr Zorn? Young Mister Henson caught the brunt of a decade of frustration over the complete incompetence in DC when it comes to the red zone offense. He reacted without really understanding what was happening, or why.  He can be forgiven… but a coach, who, as a quarterback frequently called his own plays?  I don’t know… I just thought we could expect more.  Do you not trust Jason?  The receivers?  What?  I just know that the current state of affairs does not spread warm fuzzies of comfort among the Redskins faithful…  just in case you aren’t aware, scoring touchdowns is important.

We are frustrated. Today, Jason Campbell was doing many of the things we have asked of him… making plays, extending his time with the ball in order to get someone open, taking off when it’s not there… The talent appears to be there to allow a real shot at a run… but where is the production?  Yards are nice, and all… but they don’t show up on the scoreboard.

Whatcha gonna do, Mr Zorn?

***Of course, on the bright side, it was good to see our defense behave like a dominant force, and completely annihilate the Ram’s last gasp effort to move the ball to end the game…

Boo of the Week: Redskins “Fans” who were reported to be throwing objects at the players.  I have no reason to doubt Robert Henson’s claims that this happened.  There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for behavior such as that.  If (in fact) it happened, I’ll not be disappointed in the least if there is video, and serious consequences are issued (whether by the team, the law, or both).

Mr Clutch

Was Chris Cooley in a zone again or what?  This guy was just awesome.  On the other hand, does anybody here think that Jason may be relying on him too much?  If that is the case, teams will soon put extra effort into shutting him down.  If someone else doesn’t step up…  man…

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