Hognostications – Week 16

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Congratulations to our week 15 winner, KazooSkinsFan, with a score of 10-6.  Great job Kaz during another tough week for the NFL!  Rounding out the top four were: DesertSkin, VetSkinsFan and Hoss with a 9-7 record.

Standings after week 15:

1.    TeeterSalad….150-74….66.96%

2.    Deadskins….149-75….66.52%

3.    Mursilis….146-78….65.18%

4.    KazooSkinsFan….143-81….63.84%

5.    Hoss….142-82….63.39%

6.    DesertSkin….141-83….62.95%

7.    jeremyroyce….140-84….62.50%

8.    REDEEMEDSKIN….136-88….60.71%


10.  VetSkinsFan….130-94….58.04%

11.   langleyparkjoe….128-96….57.14%


Make sure Friday’s pick is entered by Friday 6pm est and all other picks entered by Saturday at 9pm est.  Failure to get your picks in on time will result in forfeiting those picks.  PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST.  If you must change a post, please enter a new post.

Only two more weeks left until a new Hognostication Champion is crowned!  There are still several hognosticators in contention, so make your picks count.

Week 16 picks:

Friday December 25, 2009

San Diego @ Tennessee:  Tennessee

Sunday December 27, 2009

Kansas City @ Cincinnati:  Cincinnati

Buffalo @ Atlanta:  Atlanta

Seattle @ Green Bay:  Green Bay

Houston @ Miami:  Miami

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh

Carolina @ NY Giants:  NY Giants

Jacksonville @ New England:  New England

Oakland @ Cleveland:  Oakland

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans:  New Orleans

St. Louis @ Arizona:  Arizona

Detroit @ San Francisco:  San Francisco

Denver @ Philadelphia:  Philadelphia

NY Jets @ Indianapolis:  NY Jets

Dallas @ Washington:  Washington

Monday December 28, 2009

Minnesota @ Chicago:  Minnesota

Tie-breaker= 38

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