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Washington Commanders

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Maybe I should be posting from the Peoples Republic of FedEx Field?

Dan Steinberg’s “DC Sports Bog” (before you get any ideas, that is exactly how he spells it) tells the tale of Danny’s trashing of old policies, pretty clearly in an attempt to prevent fan opinion from being expressed on national TV. What the heck is with that???? He apparently had guards enforcing the new “No Signs” policy, that according to one fan, permitted signs as of Sunday night, per However, by the time he reached the field, the rule had been changed. Perhaps Komrad Snyder has thin skin, no?

At least Sherm Lewis did not embarrass himself last night.
The Defense showed up. Other than the secondary getting suckered on two long (and, oh by the way, scoring) plays… looked good. Repeatedly put the offense in decent position to work.

The Offense… if nothing else, there was some display of emotion from Portis… but I’ll bet his helmet is not very happy with him this morning.

The loss of Cooley is painful. While CC is not what anyone would describe as a dominating blocker, he is at least helpful in blocking schemes, and can be effective in running plays. Fred Davis made a very strong argument that he really needs to be in the game as a receiver… but it’s pretty clear that he needs a lot of work in pass pro. That was uuuuuuuuuuuugly, Fred.

Big Mike Sellers was the animal of old on one punt. However, on many other plays, his blocking resembled pillow fighting. I can’t help but wonder if there’s some nagging injury that keeps him from sticking his face into contact, like he used to do… A younger Sellers really enjoyed contact… sought it out… craved it. This one? Not so much. A soft fullback isn’t a fullback. It was good to see the return of the screen pass… but clearly, big Mike is not the man to run it.

Devin Thomas looked very good… it appears that he is beginning to get it. On that botched 4th and goal snap, he was going to be just as wide open as on his first TD… Shame.

Santana Moss has no business being on the receiving end of the fade. That ball should have been caught… it was not touched, and he was not shaded.

As if things weren’t bad enough for Campbell, he is now beginning to show signs of terminal happy feet. That almost always presages the transition from starter to journeyman back-up. He is at the point where he cannot NOT think about the pass rush. That cost him a sure TD early, when a double move and pump fake opened Santana by 5 yards… Campbell, however, was too worried about the pass rush, and looked off ‘tana as soon as the pump fake was done. He has become defensive in the pocket… and that is never good. I think it’s time to move on.

I understand that, though play-calling belongs to Lewis, 4th down calls still reside with Zorn. Hey, Jim… Field Goals are points, too.

Andre Carter had better be buying Big Albert lots of dinners… ‘dre has become “Sacks R Us” since Albert has arrived on the scene.

Speaking of Albert, his response to a question about what is missing from the Redskins was: “Urgency, heart, ‘want-to,’ whatever. I don’t know. We’re lacking a lot of stuff right now.”    Uhh… fellas… I think he’s getting pissed.  Let me know if he starts shredding his shirt.

DeAngelo Hall quote, explaining the offensive performance in the second half: “We’re not built to come from behind.” Yeah, DH… we’ve noticed. Unfortunately, it also appears that you’re not built to take a lead from the start, either.

So… anybody have any thoughts on Plan B?

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