So, this chunk of blue stuff hits me on the head…

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Ouch… you call that a “get right game?”

Can it possibly be as bad as it seems? 3 weeks ago, I was ok… they didn’t look great against the Giants, but, what the heck… I didn’t actually expect them to win at Rutherford, now did I? Last week… a win that was as close to a failure as a win can possibly be. The Ram’s “ineptitude” was exceeded only by that of the Lions, yet we were but an interception away from being down 10-9 at the end of the game. Real questions began to arise about Zorn’s competence as a play caller. I’m left anxious about the next game with the Lions, especially in light of the fast start the Lions had against the Vikes.

Today… disaster. I have seen Chicken Little… and he looks an awful lot like someone I know.

The Danny has some serious problems, of his own creation, to deal with.

There is increasing pressure from some quarters (mostly from, I think, a very frustrated fan base) to fire Zorn now.  But a coaching change now would certainly doom the season, and preclude any possibility of a recovery.

On the other hand, who sees any real possibility (at this point) that Zorn will man up, develop the ability to analyze opposing defenses, create coherent yet unpredictable game plans, call plays that opponents don’t anticipate, begin to enforce some team discipline, expect performance from starters, and on and on and on. So, it appears that NOT making a coaching change would certainly doom the season.

How schizophrenic is that?

In other words… It doesn’t matter what he does… Snyder will be wrong! Or he’ll be right! No, that can’t be right… can it?  This has to be a glorious circumstance for that faction of fans who have devoted the past 9 or so years to trashing the Danny. On the other hand, I know that the vast majority are truly distressed by the current state of the ‘skins… and would have been thrilled to see the team leave Detroit with the 32-6 “get right” victory that we all felt was needed.

Psychological devastation?

There is word that there was no emotion in the locker room following the game. No angry rants. No screaming for reporters to get out. No thrown chairs. No lockers ripped from walls. No expressions of wounded pride.  Just a quiet, defeated, team. Can you imagine the “Over the Hill Gang” (the kiddies will need to break out their “Redskins History Primers“) losing this same game to the Lions? Ford Stadium would have a major hole in it’s side… where the visiting locker room used to be.  Imagine that locker room with Brian Mitchell in it.  Where is the player leader here?

Sounds like Zorn has created the team he wanted. They are “medium”. They play “medium”. They run “medium”, catch “medium”, and tackle “medium”. That’s nice, and all… but, um, Jim… medium ain’t winnin’ you no games. I’m definitely in favor of moving the temperature knob over to SCREECH… or even RAW. Medium sucks.

And, what the heck has happened to the defense???? Improvements in the D line have yielded… a dramatic deterioration of the run defense. Has Gregg Blache taken to sleeping through game film? 4 scoring drives of over 70 yards?????? WHAT???? 2 of them over 90??? 1 of 99????? What kind of cruel joke is this? Defense is our strength… I thought. It now appears they are jealous of all the attention the Offense has received, and are now trying to “out-medium” them.  I hold hope that the player leadership on the defense will stand up and do something.  There are some proud, powerful voices on that side of the field, and I don’t see them tolerating this stuff.

We have the power  to change things (well… at least in our own delusional minds)

As I write, there are fans responding to polls (as if it will make a difference) about whether Zorn should go now, or stay through the season. Fans being fans, most seem in favor of an immediate coup… a portion suggesting that Cerrato must be on the executioners platform with him.

Of course, such a move would end the season… and would probably kill the career of any coach willing to take the job for the rest of the schedule (which, along with being incredibly impulsive and foolish is why it’s probably high on the Danny’s list of options). On the other hand, I can’t imagine what kind of miracle would be required to resurrect the coaching career of Jim Zorn (and with it, the season of our Washington Redskins).

We’ll know soon enough, but my bet is that Zorn gets the season. Whether he gets a clue or two along with that is anybody’s guess. Strap up tight, folks… there’s turbulence ahead.

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4 thoughts on “So, this chunk of blue stuff hits me on the head…

  1. I had to come over and check to see how you guys were taking this. I saw my first Lions’ game in 1957…my Dad took me for my 9th birthday. We beat the Colts and rookie QB Johnny Unitas in a great comeback. Been downhill ever since.

    Can’t tell you how much the Lions and people of Detroit needed this. Don’t be too hard on Zorn…I think this win was ordered up by God.

  2. Boss,

    Scapegoat for what? Daniel Snyder has made mistakes, and hiring Zorn adds to that damaging list.

    My concern is that Zorn has no idea how to fix this “medium” offensive attack.

    No sign of life from the team is what is killing them.

    Where’s their heart. Apparently when Gibbs left in 92′ so did the Skins’ winning legacy.


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