Brrrrrr… It's cold in Denver…

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It’s official. The National Sports Media’s “Jim Zorn Getting’ Fired” Vigil has officially begun. When a Redskins1 sighting in Denver began a feeding frenzy of undercover press stakeouts outside the home of Mike Shanahan, the drooling over the still conscious body of the Redskins coach moved into high gear.

No aircraft in the history of the NFL has had so much power over the press.

Of course, the mouthpieces at Redskins Park calmly point out that the plane is out on a private charter job, making money for the boss, and headed to MINISOHHHHHDA next, doncha know?  So, the real mission of Redskins1 should be clear to all… Beer and Brats… Well, maybe. Of course, I believe that the press will be attempting to access the FAA manifest for these flights… but it’s really a lot more fun thinking that there’s subterfuge happening.

It’s really not likely that Snyder is working the Shanahan line right now. First, Zorn is respected by the NFL. He may not be a great head coach, but he remains a class act, and a beloved figure in the Great Northwest. It would do Dan Snyder no good to shaft the man in the middle of the season.

Except that he is Dan Snyder… and therefore, not easy to predict. Dare I suggest that he has behaved… umm… precipitously… in the past?

Ahhhh…. The memories!
Hey, who remembers the dark days of the late fifties and sixties… and the lost seasons between the departure of George Allen, and Joe Gibbs discovery of his system? Yeah… those were some crappy times… but at least we could count on trashing those pesky Lions. That was comforting. Alex Karras never really got over that. I hate what he did to that poor horse in “Blazing Saddles”. I think he had some rage issues.

I’ll be living in the past for a while, I think.

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1 thought on “Brrrrrr… It's cold in Denver…

  1. I love the Redskin1 stories and rumors – everything that is right AND wrong with the internet at the same time. LOL

    I remember a few years back when people were tracking Redskin1’s flight plans, to try and figure out what free agents we were going after… good stuff.

    … sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

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