Samuels – To Retire Or Not To Retire?

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While trying to guess what Chris Samuels will do in 2010 is probably a waste of time – what else do Redskin fans have to talk about right now?

Let’s face it, trying to figure out the big left tackle’s future is probably an exercise in futility. It’s nothing but conjecture at this point, and does Chris even know yet?

Postulating is fun though, so the burgundy and gold faithful are going to form opinions and take a stab at guessing an answer that they have a 50/50 chance of being correct on.

I think his actions say that he would LIKE to play next year. He was pretty quick to personally quash the reports that he was definitively going to retire… that says to me that he wasn’t comfortable bowing out just yet. Wanting to and doing so are two totally different animals though.

Another point to consider here is just how much this ordeal will alter Samuels’ performance. Is he confident in his neck holding up? Would he be ‘tentative’ if he came back? Let’s try to remember that the Stenosis itself isn’t a new condition for Chris – he’s played with it his entire NFL career. What happened last year was probably pretty frightening, and the injury probably caused him to think a bit more about the downside of continuing to play – and his playing mortality.

When you play left tackle and go against the league’s most athletic players week in and week out – there’s no way around it being the most physical of positions. Is Samuels confident enough in his neck to play naturally, or will he guard against it now more than ever. Obviously nobody but Chris can answer that question.

Will Chris be able to look his family in the face and tell them that he NEEDS to play – even though it could jeopardize so much more than just a pay check?

Can Chris walk away yet – or would he prefer to go out on his own terms, instead of having an injury dictate his fate?

One thing’s for sure, as the guy who was just named the Redskins Player Of The Decade – the B&G faithful will wait with bated breath for his decision.

What do you think he will do?

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2 thoughts on “Samuels – To Retire Or Not To Retire?

  1. I think he will retire. The medical reports are far too damaging for him to risk a return.

    But having said so, there is a different scenario where he could be brought back as a backup and not a starter. He might be able to play a few games for his last season. The question is: Would he be willing to accept that if he can? Can the Skins afford it?



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