Lavar Goes Off!

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Lavar Arrington is a passionate dude. Have any doubts? Read on.

I’ve spent too much time trying to defend the guy, and trying to tell other Redskin fans how right he often is, to do so again here. Some like him, some don’t. That’s up to the individual.

But the clip of him going off about Clinton Portis is quite simply the best rant I’ve ever heard on a radio show. Ever.

Download the clip from here.

Lavar just takes ‘rant’ to a whole… ‘nother… level…

Dan Steinberg provided a transcript of what was said at D.C. Sports Bog, but as he says in the intro, reading the transcript doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

You have to check it out, it’s just under twenty minutes long.


Lavar, buddy… that was simply off the hook.

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8 thoughts on “Lavar Goes Off!

  1. That was a first class, mind and soul clearing, let’s get this perfectly straight, rant. I’m not only impressed… I have reexamined how I feel about Lavar Arrington… Wow… LA… that was about as powerful as it can get.

    Lavar… can you lend a little of that passion to Jason Campbell? And, can you coach Special Teams?

  2. I agree Mike. As I said, I’ve given up defending the guy because a lot of fans see only what they want to see regardless. He has always been a Redskin at heart and gave up a lot of money to help the team even when he was leaving.

    People often don’t like the truths that he speaks – but they are usually just that – truths. He’s made a couple of statements that I don’t necessarily agree with since leaving, but for the most part, he’s been a straight shooter.

    Hard not to miss his fire and energy after hearing that. 2 cents

  3. I’m one of those Redskins fans that, as Boss puts it, “[saw] only what they [wanted] to see,” when it came to Lavar during his tenure with the Skins, and I now admit that there was more to it, than what played out on the news, in the media, and on the sidelines.

    Based on his comments re: his appreciation for Redskins history and his desire to influence to influence the younger generation, I wish he could have finished his time with the Skins with a more positive note.

    I listen to Lavar’s show frequently (I’ve even been hung up on after a call to comment on a segment, LOL) and most of the time I’ve found myself wondering, who’d give this guy a radio show?

    This time, however, his rebuttal segment is MUST HEAR radio. I gained lots of respect for what makes him tick, and I take my hat off to him for speaking so passionately and directly about a subject very few of us EVER could have known.

    Thanks for shedding light, LA. TRO salutes you!

  4. I listened to that tirade, in awe. I, like Mike, have had to reconsider my opinion of Lavar after hearing that. Everything went sour at the end, but he was a bright spot during his early years in DC. Whenever I heard Sam Huff commentating on Redskins games, it was easy to hear just how much he loved the guy’s play. And in this little rant, he was able to not only tear CP apart, but to do it with a degree of class. Bravo Lavar!

  5. Redskins suck…. and not that they have a new coah again…. quess what fans….. they will suck again. Dallas is where it is at…. come one guys we got room o nthe wagon…. how about root for a winner for once in your young lives… hate hate hate!

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