Much Needed and Deserved Time Off

Washington Commanders

Well fellow THNers, it’s the dog days of the offseason. It’s that time of year where we Redskin fans wallow in a bit of boredom and think about hopefully greener pastures that may lie ahead for our beloved football team.

Normally as a website we would be posting tons of draft stuff and articles about the new acquisitions etc. but sometimes… the staff just need a bit of a break. This website has been going strong for almost 8 years now, and truthfully, there is rarely much of a lull in the action.

Guys get tired. Staffers get a little burnt. We thought it was time to pull back the reins a little bit and enjoy a little bit of recreation and relaxation. We hope you understand.

Of course, if you’re in need of a fix, you can always pop by the boards and chat with others that are bored stiff just like you.

We’re ramping up for what we feel will be a rewarding season. Sure under the new regime there’s both excitement and a sense of bewilderment; but let’s face it, doesn’t it feel a bit like the tides might be turning?

Its a long time since we had much to cheer about. So enjoy these down days, and enjoy the break in the action – there will be lots of highs and lows coming real soon!


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