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Musings from Curmudgeon Corner: 12/17/10

By Mike Keys | April 17th, 2010

I sure didn’t see it coming.

This is Dallas week… You put your best team on the field THIS week. You TRY to win this game… no matter how slim you see your chances. You try. Period.  Right???

Bench McNabb? For Sexy Rexy?????

I’m sorry, I mean, which of our quarterbacks actually has a winning record against Dallas?

Which of our quarterbacks understands this rivalry?

Which knows best how to defeat this team?

Well… the one that’s on the bench, of course.

The pathetic play-calling and clock management last week was like cold water to my face… but I’m awake now… this is reaching ludicrous speed… and, Dark Helmet, it seems, is playing with his Schwartz…

I really don’t want it to, but if it reaches the point that Grossman limps off the field this Sunday… I hope McNabb is overheard saying to Alex… “say pretty please”…inflatable toys canada

Of course, he won’t. That would be unprofessional… and, of course, McNabb is always the consummate professional.


Here comes another top ten pick!

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