The Sad Saga Continues

Washington Commanders

The Washington Redskins have become a circus… it’s true. Annually, since the onset of the Snyder ownership, one can count on the annual return of the Washington Redskins Travelling 3 Ring Drama.

Follow along to see the irony

I believe that part of the motivation for Shanahan’s handling of the Haynesworth affair is the reported complete lack of respect demonstrated by Haynesworth towards Shanahan, or the management of the Redskins. Respect is clearly important to Shanahan… I understand that… and I’m ok with it… While there were plenty of fans who wanted to see Shanahan flex some, and give Haynesworth some face saving opportunities to get onto the field, I think that there was still agreement among the fan base that, ultimately, Shanahan was on the right side of the issue… and that Haynesworth was behaving badly. Haynesworth was trouble for the Redskins, a vestige of the poor judgement of the prior administration… which had to be dealt with.

So, it was largely about Respect. Respect for the contract he signed. Respect for his word, as a man and as a player. Respect for the needs of the organization, of the coaches… and of his team… or rather, the utter lack of it that, we feel, was demonstrated by Haynesworth in his dealings over this past season and pre-season.airblown inflatables canada

I understood. I wanted the best defensive lineman in the league on the field… but I understood.

Respect. Shanahan expected it. Shanahan demanded it. Many would say that he had earned and deserved it… Haynesworth ultimately refused… and has been banished. I understand. Good for the Redskins… good for Shanahan. Let’s put that drama to bed. (or not…)

Shouldn’t respect be a two way highway?

This brings us to the there irony… this brings us to McNabb. The McNabb that Shanahan personally sought, and obtained, at some cost, OBTW…

Donovan McNabb has been somewhat inconsistent in his play. He’s had good games… he’s had bad games.  He’s killed a few worms… he’s threaded a few balls into the outstretched arms of streaking receivers. He’s taken bad sacks… he’s turned a few sure sacks into first downs. Yet, this is all consistent with Donovan McNabb… it’s what he is… it’s what he does… Did Shanahan, the “student” of the NFL, not know this when he went and pulled this trade off???

Through it all, McNabb’s demeanor has been rock steady.  He’s deferred complements onto his supporting cast. He’s accepted blame, even when it was not his.  He’s been gracious in victory, and in defeat.  The consummate professional…  The very picture of respect.

Why, then, has this coaching administration, so sensitive of it’s own requirement for respect from it’s players, been so completely disrespectful in it’s handling of this man?

If any player in the NFL deserves to receive respectful treatment… and a modicum of professional deference… it is McNabb.

I am currently embarrassed for my team… and, I’m now finding it difficult to gather a thimbleful of respect for this head coach, whom I once considered among the greats.

I’m still on the Redskins bandwagon. I’m still trying to maintain some optimism… that Shanahan will pull this through… but multiple indicators are suggesting that this is falling apart. In the end, why would anyone treat Donovan McNabb as though he were a Haynesworth-like pariah????


Typically, as a fan, I have always felt that this was purely the domain of coaches.  I have no need to be aware of the internal politics, the discussions, the day to day data that goes into decision making… those are, typically, business decisions.

But, not this time.  This is a man, whom, except for the lack of a Superbowl Victory, might be a candidate for the Hall of Fame.  While I have no illusions that one shall be forthcoming, treating this man, this badly, requires an explanation.  Donovan McNabb deserves better.

This beleaguered fan base, among the most dedicated in the world, deserves better, as well.

Irony?  For years, we’ve been begging Mr Snyder to hire a real management team, and to get his fingers out of the pudding…  well… he did… and, the circus simply got bigger.  Ugh…


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5 thoughts on “The Sad Saga Continues

  1. i agree with everything you wrote. i am new to this redskins nation and am thru with this redskins nation. Donovan Mcnabb should be respected for the human he is. it says alot about the shanahans. they rspect no one. does he really think fans are so stupid thy don’t see thru his balant lies-and expect us to believe what he says in his press releases. i am an educated person not some idiot. does the redskins organiztion expect us to pay and continue to be treated as idiots.
    RESPECT-DIGNITY- are not part of their philosophy. i only hope donovan is treated
    better where ever he goes. NOT THE REDSKINS. i hope shanahan realizes how poorly he mistreated donovan-not the benching but how it was handled. good bye i will not pay for another ticket to the redskins games-or drive the six hours to be part of it

  2. Wow Ricky that was deep for someone not really a Redskins fan. Well it wasnt really deep but wow anyway. Donovan might have done great things but those were done in Philly. Why should I have to suffer as a Redskin fan (since forever Ricky) because Donovan left his best days back with the Eagles. You all are talking about respect, Donovan had no problems running over to the Redskins and snatching Jasons job (wow look at Jaon now). I have told all my friends that the people that know Donovan the best are the people that let him go and that would be the Eagles. The Eagles made that trade without Donovan asking to be traded. Donovan may be headed to the Hall of Fame but that doesnt mean we owe him anything. We as redskins fans arent wiling to sit arround to see if on his next birthday he is feeling brand new. If not for the Jim Zorn 2 year disaster maybe we would have more sympathy and empathy but we fans have none of that stuff left. We the fans asked for a new head office and that is exactly what we have. I say Mike is going to put in serious work this off season, alot of new faces (if we have a season next season but still). I believe it is going to feel as if he disrepected a whole lot of people when its all done with after this season. I tried to figure out how many starters will be still here come next season and I am at about 10 defense ofense combined lol (maybe thats how I feel because I do not know what the salaries are and whom has nice contracts) but anyways Grossman needs to play so we can find out if he is a worthy backup that is the only reason he is paying. Same deal for Beck. We know Don is out for Don will not accept a backups roll if offered for we are definately going to the draft for a QB. If you ask me I say dish out alittle more McNabb dis-respect and go after Kevin Kolb. Kevin is ready, willing and going on last year of contract. We all know he is not going to stay as Vicks backup.

    Back to main topic. I dont believe that Don was dis-respected by any means by letting Grossman play. Our season is over so we are starting OTA’ early. We gave Don basically the whole season to get it done. We gave him a big contract to motivate him yet he’s still playing the same way. Don knows this, its the only reason he signed an $88 mil contract that is worth $88 dollars. Did he or did he not disrespect himself by signing such a contract. A contract that says we can cut you at the end of this season and owe you nothing. Oops you might owe us. Again there is disrespect all over this situation lol and Mike is not in it alone. Bet you wish we wouldve have signed Gregg Williams when we had the chance.

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