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Adam Carriker to blog for THN in 2010

By Jake Russell | September 1st, 2010

Photo by Jake Russell

With the season right around the corner and just on the heels of announcing Andre Carter’s return to THN Weekly, is thrilled to announce that new Redskins defensive lineman Adam Carriker will blog for THN this season.

Phillip Daniels, who blogged for THN in 2009, has other engagements to fulfill during the 2010 season but still has an open invitation to contribute more of his outstanding work that he gave us last season.

Adam will have plenty to discuss, having come from St. Louis as the Rams 13th overall pick in 2007 and reuniting with former Rams defensive coordinator and interim head coach Jim Haslett, now leading the Redskins new 3-4 defense.

Big thanks go out to Adam for contributing his time towards this blog.

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