Leftovers – Week 3

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In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about the running game, Albert Haynesworth’s deactivation against the Texans and about the passing of Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley.

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THN: Donovan McNabb and Matt Schaub combined for the second most passing yards by opposing QB’s in NFL history in Sunday’s game. What was it like to be apart of a shootout like that? The NFC East isn’t accustomed to those types of games but yet the Skins were able to stay in it.

AC: The league is always evolving. The NFC East is known to run the ball. It just-so-happened both teams threw the ball. It was a crazy game.

THN: Is it more frustrating that the defense couldn’t hold up when McNabb and his receivers had the type of game they had? The Redskins aren’t used to passing performances like that.

AC: It was disappointing. We can never create a situation like that again.

THN: As a defense, is there a different feeling when you lose by giving up a 17 point lead or by losing a close game?

AC: Losing is losing. No matter how you evaluate yourself.

THN: The team only had 18 yards rushing and Portis had 33 but the passing game was outstanding. What will it take to get the offense more balanced? Was Sunday basically an adjustment of adapting to the opponent and trying to beat them with their style of play?

AC: Every time you play a opponent, during half time you make the adjustments needed in order to be successful; exploit their weakness and create big play opportunities, etc. For this Sunday, it’s all about mindset and going on the field and creating a powerful run and passing game in one setting.

THN: Albert was deactivated Sunday with an injured ankle. What difference would it have made if he was in there playing along the defensive line? Was the pressure better, worse or the same without him?

AC: Only God knows that answer. We honestly don’t know.

THN: How reminiscent was the Texans game of the Saints game last season?

AC: Oh man. Don’t need to go there. It felt like history was being repeated all over again.

THN: Does the news that Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley’s passing was an apparent suicide at 23 years of age take the players in the league, younger or older, aback? Does it make you all look in the mirror a bit and re-evaluate anything?

AC: I am 31 years old and fortunate to have a blessed life. To have played for 10 years in the league has been great. Not too many players can say that in this business.

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