Father of a Former Redskin… Or Hulk Hogan???

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In the idea of lifting up the spirits of Redskins Nation after a frustrating loss, I figured a little humor was needed.

We all know how 2009 turned out but I figure I’ll give you all a bit of a flashback… in a good way. This time in the form of former Redskins punter Glenn Pakulak.

Pakulak, as you all remember, filled in for starter Hunter Smith when he was injured in mid-October and appeared in two games (Oct. 11 vs. Carolina and October 18th vs. Kansas City).

What does Pakulak have to do with the Skins now? Nothing really. But it’s never a bad time to blog about a former punter just days after your current punter hurts his hip in pregame warmups.

Like millions of Americans, Pakulak has a Facebook page. Also like millions of Americans, Pakulak has a sense of humor and loves his parents. In this case, both of those statements intertwined as he used his Facebook page to show his love for his father, Glenn, Sr. and the fact that he resmbles one of the biggest entertainment icons of the 80’s and 90’s.

Before you see the prized photos, here’s a little description about Glenn’s father from Glenn himself.

“My old man has worked his ass off his whole life doing heating and air conditioning to support our family. He was born and raised in Detroit and has always worked for everything he has ever had. He always believed in me and supported me,” Pakulak said.

“I think he lives with some regrets that he never followed some of his dreams so maybe in a way he gets to experience some fun through me. He has been told for 30 years he looks like the Hulkster and if I can get him some sense of fun and joy by having him being talked about in a good way online, I’m sure he’d love it. He went to WrestleMania at Ford Field in Detroit a few years ago and dressed up in a bandana, jeans, boots and a yellow tank and people were stopping him everywhere to take pictures. I think the Asian tourists really believed he was the Hulkster!”

To preface this, Glenn isn’t your ordinary punter. He hits the gym. On the regular.

Here’s proof:

Pakulak with the Saints in ’08

Glenn with the Skins last season.

Now is where the fun stuff begins and you will find out where Glenn gets his workout regimen from.

When I saw these pictures for the first time, I couldn’t stop laughing. The resemblence is unbelievable.

As someone who grew up loving wrestling and rooting for Hulk Hogan and the red and yellow, I can certainly appreciate these photos and I’m sure millions of you can, too.

Glenn decided to get his dad to dress up as the man who said his prayers and ate his vitamins a year ago when he was visiting his parents.

So without further ado, can you try to seperate Glenn, Sr., who is going on 59 years of age, from the Hulkster? “Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Pakulak-a-Mania runs wild on you!?”

Photo from Glenn Pakulak

I want to look like this when I grow up.

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