Leftovers – Week 4

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In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about whether switching to a 3-4 was a good decision or not, who else he is worried about besides Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson, and whether the team has met expectaions so far this season.

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THN: Is there any thought that maybe sticking with the 4-3 would be best for the team or has too much change been made in order to go back now?

AC: Too much change has been since day one. We need to continue to work on the fundamentals in order to be successful. It’s all about timing.

THN: London Fletcher is quoted as saying on Monday in regards to whether the 3-4 defensive scheme is the problem or not: “We need better preparation, better focus, better attention to detail, and execution of the game plan and the calls that are made.” Is what he is saying true? What else would you add to it?

AC: He is on point with his statement. The attention to detail is key because it prevents big plays and long drives. Our scheme is based on fits of each position. If someone is out of their gap or alignment within this defense non-stop, it can be a rough season.

THN: Was this game a case of the Redskins playing down to their opponent or are you guys just not where you need to be right now?

AC: It was more on a mindset of not playing on our level and playing to our potential. It can be frustrating but we have to calm down and play football.

THN: Where is the team as far as expectations after three games? Are you all where you thought you would be?

AC: We are. If each team had it their way they would be 16-0. We are 1-2 because we placed ourselves in this position. The expectations are always high each season. We must continue to take it one game at a time.

THN: Why did the team abandon the running attack in the second half after it seemed to regain it after missing it for the first two weeks?

AC: I honestly don’t know.

THN: What can you do from your position to stop Vick from being the “X-Factor” in this game?

AC: Try to get him down the best way possible.

THN: Aside from Vick and DeSean Jackson, who else are you most focused on?

AC: Everybody that wears an Eagles jersey.

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