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Leftovers – Week 5

By Jake Russell | October 9th, 2010


In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about Kevin Kolb, Chalres Woodson and the leadership of Donovan McNabb.

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THN: Why did the defense seem to struggle a little more once Kolb filled in for Vick? Was it because over the previous week everyone’s mind was set on Vick and then you had to change strategy in the middle of the game?

AC: Kolb was on fire and created big plays. When you are on fire it’s hard to stop him.

THN: McNabb’s post-game speech to the team was shown on Fox right after the game. He spoke like a true leader when addressing you all. How much of a difference has his leadership made from how the team played last year to this year?

AC: When he speaks, as his teammates, we listen. He knows what it takes to become a great NFC East threat. His attitude on the practice field, in meetings and outside of work carries to game day.

THN: How does this win change the team’s mood this week? How does it compare to the feeling that was felt last week after losing to St. Louis?

AC: It was a great win because we put on a four quarter performance. We forgot about St. Louis and moved on. There is no greater feeling [than] winning in Philly.

THN: How vital is Charles Woodson to Green Bay’s defense? What is it about him that makes him such a crucial piece of their puzzle?

AC: He is the factor on the Green Bay defense that can cause the momentum to shift from losing to winning a game. It appears he’s one of those players that is at the right place at the right time. Men like that are hard to come by.