Leftovers – Week 6

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In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about returning to a 3-point stance, preparing for Peyton Manning, the physical play of the defense and the parity of the NFL so far this year.

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THN: How are you adjusting to your new role?

AC: I am a professional and playing my new role to the best of my ability.

THN: You were used as a down lineman more often against Green Bay. Is that a change that will be used to take advantage of your skillset throughout the year?

AC: The change is mostly rushing from a 3-point instead of a 2-point. I am more of an effective pass rusher in that position.

THN: For the first time since 1970, no team has started 4-0. Even through Week 5, has the parity of the NFL surprised you this season?

AC: The NFL is constantly becoming more competitive. That’s the nature in this business. Everybody is good. Back in the day there were only a few dominant teams. These days, every team has to earn their keep.

THN: Peyton Manning has 11 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions so far. How does a defense prepare for a guy with those types of stats and accuracy?

AC: A lot of film study. We need to understand his cadence in his no-huddle offense and find tips on the alignments and actions of the running backs, receivers, and tight ends before the snap.

THN: There has been a trend with knocking out key players on opposing offenses all season long. Week 1 it was Marion Barber and Dez Bryant. Week 2 it was Andre Johnson, although he came back to make the defense pay for not knocking him out for good. Week 3 – Steven Jackson. Week 4 – Michael Vick. And just this past Sunday Jermichael Finely and his backup were knocked out of the game, along with giving Aaron Rodgers a concussion towards the end. Comment on the renewed physical play of the defense and what kind of waves may be reverberating throughout the league when they see the Redskins defense on film. How much of an advantage is this new attitude giving the defense and does it affect what offenses will do?

AC: I think offensive opponents that we play week-by-week will be aware of what we bring to the table. We are a physical defense and know what we bring to the table. We have always emphasized 11 men to the football and gang tackle. We never realized that the results would be beneficial and huge factors in a game.

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