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Hog Blog with Adam Carriker – Week 7

By Adam Carriker | October 21st, 2010

“The Secretaries of Defense”

We played yet another game that came right down to the wire. We had a great chance to win this game. We just weren’t able to capitalize on it. The Colts are a very good team and obviously have a great quarterback in Peyton Manning. We gave up some yards to them but in the end they scored exactly what their average per game for the season is, which is 27 points per game. We have played a lot of great offenses this year. They just seam to keep coming week after week, bang bang bang. We started off with the Dallas Cowboys who are about as talented a team as there is in the NFL, especially on offense. I don’t care what there record is. We followed that up with the Houston Texans, who were the number one rated pass offense in the NFL last year and entering our game they were the number one rush offense in the NFL. Next we played the Rams, who have the Heisman winner and number one overall draft pick Sam Bradford. After that we took on the hottest player in the NFL going into our game in Michael Vick and the red hot Philadelphia Eagles. We followed that up with one of the best and most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, in Aaron Rodgers. Last week we took on four-time league MVP and surefire future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. It was fun to play against Peyton. I remember watching him when I was in middle school. He’s like a coach on the field for them. He basically runs their offense.

Our defense has been tested in just about every way possible. The Cowboys we were able to be held to 7 points. We were able to slow down the on-fire Texans running game. We were able to hold the red-hot Eagles to 12 points and hold a very talented Packer offense to 13 points.

This year we have a difficult schedule which is loaded with a lot teams who have very good records and will either be in the playoff hunt, in the playoffs or go deep into the playoffs or have a very good chance at the Super Bowl and all of them have very good offenses. We will face the Eagles again, a very good Tennessee Titans offense led by Chris Johnson and Vince Young, followed by Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and the Vikings, also the New York Giants led by Eli Manning twice, the Cowboys again and a lot of other teams who have great talent. I think our defense has proved it can play well and can be very key in leading our team to victory. Our defense has definitely proved we are very physical. We have knocked a lot of good and talented players out of games, not with dirty play, but with just good, old fashioned physicality.

I believe our defense has played well up to this point. There are ways in which the defense can and will improve. The longer we do this and get more comfortable with the scheme, the coaches, and the coaches with us within the scheme, the better and better we will be. We have a very challenging schedule and some great offenses we face this year, but I believe it gives us the opportunity show how good we are as a team, a defense and how good we will be.

“Just bring it!” -The Rock

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Adam Carriker

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