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Leftovers – Week 8

By Jake Russell | October 30th, 2010


In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about how the defense can judge Matthew Stafford after only playing in part of one game this year, how the defense rewarded D-Hall for his 4-INT performance and if he thinks running back Clinton Portis should regain his starting position when he becomes healthy.

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THN: This game was my first time at Soldier Field and my impression of the crowd was it wasn’t that loud, even when their defense was playing on third downs. It could just be me because of where my seats were but did their crowd seem not as loud as the fans at FedEx Field?

AC: I honestly wasn’t paying attention to the crowd. My eyes were fixated on our offense. Noise or no noise we were focused on the task at hand, which was winning.

THN: Did you or any other teammates buy DeAngelo Hall dinner for his performance?

AC: We did something better than buy him dinner. We gave him a pound.

THN: One thing about Sunday’s game was the lack of security with the football. There were a lot of turnovers. One thing that people complained about last week was the slickness of the new “Breast Cancer Awareness” footballs being used this month. Is that a reason there were so many turnovers yesterday or was it something else?

AC: No, that wasn’t the reason for the fumbles in the game. I honestly think it was lack of control of the football.

THN: Do you think Clinton Portis should re-claim the starting job after the performance Ryan Torain has had in recent weeks?

AC: We shall see. That decision will be determined by the head man and how Clinton’s durability will be as he slowly works back into playing again.

THN: Is it hard to judge Matthew Stafford since he has only played in one game this year?

AC: It’s tough to judge him because he’s [played in] one game. We will get an idea of his mechanics throughout the game.