Leftovers – Week 10

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In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter clears the air about his role on the team, how frustrating the Lions loss was, what kind of impact Brandon Banks’ injury could have if he doesn’t play against the Eagles, and what he thought of Coach Shanahan’s reasons behind benching Donovan McNabb.

Keep in mind the Brandon Banks questions were asked before Coach Shanahan said that there’s a chance he may play Monday night against the Eagles.

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THN: Did you stay home and watch the games on Sunday or did you take your mind off of football for one weekend? If you watched football, what games did you watch and what were your impressions of them?

AC: Ha ha ha. What did Bernie Mac on “Kings of Comedy” say when it comes to folks taking a break? ‘We break!!!!!!!’

THN: You have reportedly been moved back to defensive end. What finally convinced the coaches to move you back to end? How will your role change for the rest of the year?

AC: To sum it all up, when we played more of a 4-3 in nickel situations, I was standing up in the beginning of the year. I still considered myself a defensive end. When I had placed my hand in the dirt, I felt as if I was more effective. I am a defensive end in our 4-3 front. I am too small to play a 3-4 end. The coaches made the adjustment and it seems like it’s working out. As far as my role is concerned, when the opportunity presents itself, [I intend to] be a playmaker.

THN: The team was well aware of how improved the Lions were so it’s not like you overlooked them so why were they still able to come back and win in the final five minutes?

AC: That game was ridiculous. They made plays when it counted. There was a situation when the Lions defense forces a fumble and [Ndamukong] Suh recovered the football and ran it in for a touchdown. The game was a nightmare.

THN: After having a breakout game against the Lions, how big of a blow is it to the return game that Brandon Banks will be out a couple of weeks after having knee surgery during the bye week? Describe what the team will be missing with him out of the lineup.

AC: It’s no secret as to what this man has done for us, providing big opportunities [for] our offense with field position as a returner on special teams as well as [being a] deep threat in the passing game. It’s unfortunate he has hurt his knee. Hopefully he will come back soon and continue to help us win.

THN: What will the offense have to do against the Eagles defense since Banks won’t be able to put them in great field position this week like he did against Detroit?

AC: Play physical. The show goes on when a player or multiple players are out for a game or games. This is a division opponent, a two-for-one match up, and the Eagles are looking at this game as an opportunity to come back within the NFC East rivalry.

THN: What did you think of Coach Shanahan’s reasons for benching McNabb? What did the rest of the team think?

AC: From an individual perspective and team perspective, Coach Shanahan is the boss. Whatever decisions he makes is to provide an opportunity to win.

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