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2010 Hognostications Week 11

By Hoss | November 17th, 2010

Congratulations to our week 10 winner vwoodzpusha with an impressive 9-5 record. Rounding out the top 3 were SAP_Pete and REDEEMEDSKIN with an 8-6 record. Congrats fellas!!

This was another brutal week with only 4 hognosticators having a winning percentage.  This is still anyone’s to win so make your picks count!!

YTD Results:





KazooSkinsFan    92-52


RiC    87-57

ChrisHanburger    87-57

TeeterSalad    87-57


Countertrey    86-58

SAP_Pete    86-58


SkinsJock    83-61

DesertSkin    83-61

Justice Hog    83-61


Hoss   82-62

TincoSkin    82-62


Deadskins   81-63


Mursilis   80-64

tribeofjudah    80-64

CanesSkins26    80-64




vwoodzpusha    74-70


jeremyroyce    61-83

Unless notated in each week’s blog, all picks must be entered by 12 noon est on Sundays. There will be certain weeks when games will be played on Thursdays and Saturdays so please make sure you read each week’s blog for deadlines.   
Each week there will be a tie breaker which is the last game of each week. Please post your total points for that game. Those getting the closest to the final score without going over will win the tie breaker.
If you have posted your picks DO NOT edited your post. If you need to make a correction you must enter a new post with your corrections/edit. I will not go back to your first post to look for edits, this is way too time consuming. If you fail to enter your picks by the posted deadline you will forfeit your picks.

*Thursday night pick due by 8pm est.
**All other picks due by 12 noon est Sunday.


Week 11 Picks:

Thursday November 18, 2010 – due by 8pm est prior to kickoff

Chicago @ Miami:  Bears


Sunday November 21, 2010 – due by 12pm est


Baltimore @ Carolina:  Ravens


Buffalo @ Cincinnati:  Bengals


Detroit @ Dallas:  Cowboys


Oakland @ Pittsburgh:  Steelers


Cleveland @ Jacksonville:  Jaguars


Washington @ Tennessee:  Redskins


Houston @ NY Jets:  Jets


Green Bay @ Minnesota:  Packers


Arizona @ Kansas City:  Chiefs


Seattle @ New Orleans:  Saints


Tampa Bay @ San Francisco:  Bucs


Atlanta @ St. Louis:  Rams


Indianapolis @ New England:  Patriots


NY Giants @ Philadelphia:  Eagles


Monday November 22, 2010


Denver @ San Diego:  Chargers


Tie-breaker=  46

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