Leftovers – Week 11

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This week, Andre Carter talks about Albert Haynesworth’s “lay-down” play, McNabb’s new contract and leadership skills, plus much more!

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THN: You said last week that you spent most of your time staying local during the bye week but did not spend much time thinking about football. Other players traveled for a vacation to get away. After going through a game like this, do you feel you and the rest of the team should have spent more time during the off week preparing for the Eagles?

AC: I honestly couldn’t tell you. We could watch as much film during the bye week, and we probably would have our you-know-what’s handed to us.

THN: Looking back on it, was the bye week detrimental to the team at all?

AC: I don’t think so. Bye week is needed for the 32 teams in the NFL. It can go either way, win or loss. Take Detroit for example. They had a bye week and look what happened to us. Regardless when two teams go head-to-head, it’s about physical and mental preparation. May the best team win.

THN: How do you and the rest of the team recover from an unimaginable loss like this? Where do you go from here?

AC: Learn from our mistakes is one. Focus on the fundamentals – assignments, technique, and execution. Don’t repeat the sane mistakes twice.

THN: Why was the defense not able to stop anybody during the game? Why were so many big plays made?

AC: Big plays are created by lack of discipline, poor tackling, and not communicating. When you are inconsistent within those three areas, it can be a tough night similar to Monday night.

THN: In 2007, the team was blown out by the Patriots 52-7 and still managed to make the playoffs. Can players such as yourself, Phillip Daniels, London Fletcher and other guys who were on that team use that game as an example as to how to overcome a bad midseason performance and give yourselves a shot at the postseason?

AC: All is possible but what we need to focus on Tennessee.

THN: As a player, when you go through a play like on the 3rd and Goal late in the third quarter when the Eagles got another TD to put them up 52-21 and you see a teammate, in this case Albert Haynesworth, laying on the ground and not trying to get up while the play is still alive but yet you’re fighting off two different blockers and essentially have to run around him because he’s not trying to get off the ground, how frustrating is it to deal with situations like that when there is still a game to be played and plenty of time left?

AC: I can’t focus on him. When I’m on the field I only focus on what I can do

THN: Monday night’s game aside, how big was McNabb’s deal in regards to the team? How important was it to get done before he hit the open market?

AC: It shows that the team was dedicated to keeping him and had faith in his talent despite our record and his age.

THN: What was your reaction to him signing his extension?

AC: I was happy for him. It is well deserved due to his work ethic and creating big plays on offense.

THN: What has McNabb brought to this team that you haven’t seen in years past?

AC: McNabb is a motivator on the team. Despite the situation in Detroit, he was a professional and had a lot of integrity.

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