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Leftovers – Week 12

By Jake Russell | November 27th, 2010


This week, Andre Carter talks about Randy Moss, Rusty Smith, the Vikings surprising 3-7 record and how he spent Thanksgiving.

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THN: Have you been apart of a game with so many injuries on one team? Even one of the team’s trainers got hurt.

AC: No I haven’t. I guess there is a first time for everything.

THN: Can you believe that Sunday was the first time the Skins outgained an opponent all season and you all still have been able to manage a 5-5 record? How unusual is that?

AC: It’s football. The good, the bad, and the ugly [can happen] on any given Sunday.

THN: How much did the game plan change without LaRon Landry and Carlos Rogers in the lineup? Was the defense prepared to move on without them late in the week?

AC: God bless them. It’s unfortunate those two men missed this game but we had to continue on last Sunday. We played gap sound football and only gave up a touchdown. That’s big.

THN: Have you been apart of a game of “tit-for-tat” like this before? Both teams scored 7 in the first quarter and 3 points in each of the final three quarters.

AC: I sure haven’t.

THN: What did you and the rest of the defense know about Rusty Smith heading into the game?

AC: I actually knew very little however we tried to get a feel for him during the remainder of the game. We really didn’t get much from him unfortunately.

THN: How important was it to hold Randy Moss to no catches? They showed replays of passes thrown to him and he seemed to show a lack of full-speed effort at times, a criticism that has been laid upon him for years. Was that a factor in him being held to no catches despite a depleted secondary?

AC: Randy Moss is crafty. He may take plays off but all he needs is one opportunity and he makes a big play. So despite what commentators were saying about his performance he can be serious threat.

THN: After being one game away from the Super Bowl this past January, the Vikings now sit at 3-7 10 games into this season. How surprised are you by their record so far? What did you expect their 2010 season to be like?

AC: The level of difficulty is always high when you are trying to become playoff contenders back-to-back. It’s not an easy task. As far as their season goes, it’s always a tossup in this business. You can be great or unsuccessful. Nothing is given to you.

THN: Do you have any special Thanksgiving plans for this week?

AC: Hang out with my wife and kids. [I’m also] having a pot luck party at my boy’s house.