Leftovers – Week 13

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In this week’s installment of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about the Wildcat, the offensive line, the running game and Devin Thomas.

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THN: Kyle Shanahan broke out the Wildcat offense for the first time but only used it in the first series and never tried it again. Why did he give up on it instead of using it to give the defense something else to scheme against and try to create a drive of some kind?

AC: Perhaps he felt it was ineffective or he used the formation as a changeup to offset the Vikings defense. I really don’t know but it was his decision.

THN: As a defense, how hard it is to win games when the offense can only run for 29 yards in a game? It seemed like what went right in the running game last week, went wrong this week. Does the offensive line need to go back to the lineup that was put out against Tennessee after all of the injuries occurred?

AC: Whoever is in on the offensive line, that’s the decision. We need to try to be consistent as a team period.

THN: Is the lack of a running game on Sunday proof of how much the team needs Clinton Portis to be healthy or was it a result of the defense playing rejuvenated after a big coaching change?

AC: We miss Clinton but if you recall, we had a great running game against Tennessee. I can’t tell you what happened in regards to the running game this past Sunday. It’s important to have a balanced offense, and the effort is there. The coaches, as well as players, stress consistency.

THN: When you think of the New York Giants, what comes to mind?

AC: A physical NFC East game.

THN: Why didn’t things work out for Devin while he was here with the Redskins?

AC: I honestly don’t know. It was a business decision from upstairs and it was final. We wish him the best of luck.

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