Leftovers – Week 14

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In this week’s Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about the Buccaneers losing Aqib Talib and Jeff Faine to injured reserve, the Bucs history in cold weather games and how the Redskins have moved on now that Albert Haynesworth had been suspended for the rest of the season.

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THN: Cornerback Aqib Talib and center Jeff Faine were put on injured reserve this week by the Buccaneers. How big are those two losses for them?

AC: It’s always unfortunate when a starter is lost for the remainder of the season because they contribute so much. Both were great physical playmakers. Now the next player needs to come in and match that level of intensity.

THN: The Bucs historically don’t play well in the cold and the weather report looks to be cold and rainy on Sunday. How much will playing in “Redskins Weather” help you guys against a very improved Bucs team?

AC: To me those are interesting facts but those are statistics. I don’t believe the hype. Stats don’t win games, players do.

THN: Do you think if Haynesworth had shown a willingness to learn and play nose tackle that the coaches would have compromised with him and helped him out more like they did with you by moving you back to a three-point stance after you gave linebacker a shot without complaining about it?

AC: I really wasn’t focused on him playing nose so I couldn’t say. However, in short yardage and passing situations he was very effective.

THN: Do you wish he had played against the Giants despite all the reports as to why he was late on Friday or do you agree with the decision to deactivate him for a big division game?

AC: If he had practiced and was ready to play, then of course he could play. However, the decisions that were made by the head man were understood by the team.

THN: Is it easier to move on from the situation and focus from game-to-game now that some form of action has been taken?

AC: I think a small issue within the organization has been buried and laid to rest. It wasn’t our main distraction and didn’t direct us in a downward spiral, however we were fed up.

THN: What is the team’s mood now?

AC: Win and finish strong on the remainder of the season.

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