Joe Bugel… we will miss you!

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Well, of course, there are mixed feelings.  Joe Bugel was the architect of (arguably) the most dominant offensive line in football history.  The Hogs were masters of the trenches for over a decade. The Hogs WERE Joe Bugel.

With the announcement of his retirement, an era ends.  He was Joe Gibbs workhorse assistant for his entire run as head coach.  He is the last vestige of Gibbs influence on the team. 

This past season’s offensive line is largely viewed as a disaster… yet, they were not the worst in the league, despite, in some cases, using a 4th or even 5th option to man a position on short notice. LT Chris Samuels and RG Randy Thomas went down with season… possibly career… ending injuries early in the season. He was forced to resort to a merry-go-round of journeyman and marginal talent to maintain a running game and to protect Campbell.

That Campbell was not on his back on every single pass play may well have been a testament to Bugel’s ability to get the most from the tools he was given.

How fitting would it be, for Russ Grimm to be elected to the HOF, as a celebration of old “Boss Hog’s” career?

Hail, Coach Bugel. Thanks for many irreplaceable memories… and for a legacy that cannot be forgotten. If ever an assistant coach deserved consideration for the Hall of Fame… this man is the one.

Enjoy your retirement!

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  1. Thanks Mike. The man was a prince. I remember when Joe Gibbs first came back and I was standing there at practice during training camp with Hailskins666. Buges was walking the autograph line and while these days I just find autographs a bit ‘young’ for me… I wanted Buges’ autograph… he’s a legend in my books. I had two THN t-shirts with me… I gave one to Joe and asked him if he would sign the other shirt for me. He opened up the t-shirt… looked at Hailskins and I and said, ‘Really? This t-shirt is for me?’ I said, ‘Absolutely… you and your Hogs are the inspiration behind our Redskins website.’ There was a look of genuine appreciation on his face that I will never forget, and then he said, and I’ll forever remember the exact words, ‘It’s fans like you guys that made Joe (Gibbs) and I return to coaching. Thank you very much.’ When he walked away, Hailskins went ballistic… I was just kind of dumbstruck.

    I know that he was being polite, but there was such a feeling of genuineness, that it was easily one of the proudest moments of this website’s history to have the founder of the Hogs say something so complimentary. That shirt is framed and cherished… as much for that moment, as for all of his contributions to the B&G.

    Thanks for everything Buges… you are truly one of a kind, and the Redskin Nation is lucky to have had your services through several generations of Redskin fans. You will be missed, and I hope you enjoy a very deserved retirement.

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