Chris Cooley – Pro Bowler and Pro Shipper?

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This Tuesday FedEX “hired” Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley to help pack and ship their holiday presents at their 20th and K location.  FedEx partnered with several NFL players across the league to bring them to locations across the country.

With shipping packages being potentially one of the least enjoyable parts of the holidays, having your favorite NFL player there was certainly a great way to ship with FedEx.

The event was publicized through the local media and through Cooley’s twitter account, @thecooleyzone and there were a good contingent of fans who came out to see Captain Chaos as he wrapped packages and filled out waybills.

Christmas Present

One female Skins fan brought a Redskins football, not to be shipped but for a Christmas present for her Dad.

“He’s gonna love this” she exclaimed while being accompanied by her fellow coworker and fellow fan.

Another Skins fan said he found out that very day that Cooley would be in the area and breathlessly ran down to meet him. Unfortunately once he got there, he realized he had brought nothing for Chris to sign. Opportunity blown?

Chris suggested he pick up a holiday card off the shelves of the FedEx Office. Great idea Chris!

That’s definitely a holiday card that this fan will be keeping.

One of the best moments came when two girls had been sent by their office to drop off several packages. They entered with confused looks as to why there was a line of cameras and FedEx personnel. Then they saw, and quite clearly recognized who was behind the counter. They might even have squealed slightly.

Not your typical, FedEx employee to be sure. They seemed “flustered” but very happy to meet Chris. They looked almost in a daze as Chris helped them complete their errand. That’s one trip to drop off packages they won’t soon forget.

Quick Questions With Chris:

On why he was there…

“I’m here with ‘Pack with the Pros’… Its fun and I’m here basically taping and putting bows and wrapping on packages”.

On his upbringing and college days in much colder weather…

“I like to play in the cold, it’s not fun to practice in the cold.. I much prefer to play in 40 instead of 90 degrees”.

On shopping for the holidays himself…  

“I’m waiting for the very last day, I haven’t gotten anybody anything”.

On who he thought would be coming out of the NFC (he displayed the candor that has made him a fan favorite over his time with the Skins)…

“No… I want everyone else to lose”.

Vintage Cooley.

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