Musings from Curmudgeon Corner, 6/17/2010

Washington Commanders

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Fans are cranky, these days. With the optimism that has come with the new management team, has also come “Mr Petulant”… Albert Haynesworth.

Hey, Al… you blew it. You have taken an outstanding opportunity and screwed it up…  Totally.  You have become the poster child for “How not to manage a conflict with team management”.  You have alienated management,  the fans, the press (with the exception of the usually contrary Mike Wilbon… but, that’s just Mike being Mike),  former Redskins, and, incredibly, team mates.  Former players on ESPN, NFLN, and others have voiced complete bewilderment at your behavior.

An unofficial poll taken by member BurgundyandGoldfaith of The Hogs dot Net indicates that 59% of Redskins faithful would just as soon see you leave deep  impressions on the pine of FedEx’s sideline benches.   They say a resounding NO to a trade, since your behavior has made you practically worthless as a tradeable commodity  (OK, there are a few who say “Trade him now, while we don’t have to pay anyone to take him”).  They say a resounding NO to releasing you…  most appreciate that you took the money knowing what the circumstances were… and then changed your petulant mind.  They scream NO to holding you through training camp, and seeing then what injuries to other teams might do to your trade value.

Remember Sean Gilbert, Al?   No?   Neither do most fans.

We vote with the front office. You want a trade? Here’s our suggestion:

Come to camp.  Work your tail off. Whatever role Haslett gives you, be the best ever.  Play the season… make other teams want you.   Then, in February, you can shop for a trading partner.   I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… but I kind of think you ought to earn at least a little of the money they paid you.

If the Redskins say “We want first round value, from an AFC team, or no trade” we’d be fine with that.
I guess you need to get to work.

The Redskins are going places. Maybe not this year, but very soon.   Too bad “Mr. Petulant” won’t enjoy the ride.

Hope you enjoy your summer, Al.

You might want to swing by IKEA, and pick up a really good seat cushion (just in case).


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